Was In Ann Arbor, Michigan & Cleveland, Ohio This Weekend to Watch Sporting Events! Was Shocked & Proud To Call Myself An American Based On What I Saw and Heard……….

I posted this the other day and will tell you that the people that live in Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, Iowa, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Minnesota etc. will throw a party the day our President signs the EO terminating NAFTA. The President today made it a point to share that five auto companies were expanding their facilities in the US. The reason for that is pretty clear to us at http://www.theconservativetreehouse.com. They know that NAFTA is going by the waste side and want to be prepared to bring back jobs to the USA!

My brother, his son and I decided to drive to Ann Arbor, MI to watch the Michigan vs. Michigan State game. They had a moment of silence for the 58 people killed and 500+ injured in Las Vegas followed by the National Anthem. It was amazing listening to 112,000+ Americans singing the Anthem. Every player stood as well.

During a break in the game, they honored a Michigan alumni that was a medic during Vietnam that saved 5 soldiers with strap metal in three different parts of his body. He also received the Medal of Honor that he proudly wore around his neck. The stadium gave him a 20 second standing ovation. I was so proud of our country!

Even in a liberal city like Ann Arbor, we saw a sign for a rally on October 13th in support of our President’s America First Immigration Policy.

Also a large float with TRUMP spelled out and a bunch of American Flags driving around the stadium playing the Michigan fight song. An older gentleman screamed out loud with a big smile saying, “He won far and square”. My brother and I told him your absolutely right!

The next day we went to watch the Jets play against the Cleveland Browns in Cleveland. There were 18,000+ empty seats. After the game, a few fans decided to heckle us because we had Jets jerseys on. They said that WE WON because President Trump is our President. I immediately turned around and told them I pray every night for his safety because he is MAGA! They were shocked to hear that from a New Yorker but they came over to us and gave us high fives.

What I will remember most about the two games is the LOVE that people in Michigan and Ohio have for our LION!

2 thoughts on “Was In Ann Arbor, Michigan & Cleveland, Ohio This Weekend to Watch Sporting Events! Was Shocked & Proud To Call Myself An American Based On What I Saw and Heard……….

  1. A related anecdote…I visited the north Denver metro area. Stopped at a service station just off I-25.

    I saw some Broncos stuff for sale, and asked the clerk if it was selling much–she said it was a couple of years old.

    She then went on to tell me that there was a park and ride right there (I didn’t notice because it was dark), and last weekend…it was deserted!!! Buses were lined up to take people downtown to the stadium, and there were no takers.

    She went on to tell me her mother had watched the game on TV (boo!) and there were a LOT of empty seats in the stadium.

    Empty seats!!!! At a HOME Broncos game!!!!

    This is like letting go of an anvil and having it fall upward.


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