Our President DESTROYED the Left, Democrats, Rhinos 🦏, CoC, Barry and Every Single Dreamer and Illegal This Evening……..

Crying😭Chuck called Nancy Pelosi this evening to tell her WE are screwed! He asked her to make sure the DREAMERS that took over her Town Hall stay in California because he is scared to DEATH 💀 what they might do to him if they gather with the NY Dreamers. Nancy asked Chuck why President Bush lied to them a month ago. Chuck responded that she better get with it or those Dreamers will hang her off the Golden Gate Bridge with GWB.

Tom Donohue just called 911 to come pick him up because he is having a heart attack. All those millions of dollars 💵 were wasted on a bunch of fools. While waiting outside for the ambulance, he thought to himself that his Christmas gift will be NAFTA being terminated as illegals flea the country and leaving him and his buddies at the CoC to pick peaches 🍑 in Georgia and Alabama.

Mexico also is creating Spanish as a Second Language classes because the kids returning only speak English! President Trump has broken President Nieto because according to his wife all he is now doing is playing with building blocks so that he can build the WALL for President Trump and get back in his good graces.

Barry from Kenya 🇰🇪 is asking Michelle why is Allah doing this to him! Not only is his legacy gone but his entire dream of world domination has gone up in smoke. Michelle throws a glass of water 💦 on his head because the joint he is smoking lit his hair on fire 🔥.

Republican James Langford is screaming at his wife to stop spending the money he received from the CoC to come out last week with his and Tom Tillis’ DACA Bill. He knows that when his reelection comes up, the good people of Oklahoma are going to throw his ass right out of their state. They maybe gracious enough to put him on a rocket 🚀 that they launch over the WALL so that he can reunited with his Dreamers.

Tom Tillis is in the mountains of NC trying to find a good place to be able to create Moonshine in order to support his family. Jeff Flake has informed his family that he is going to announce that he isn’t running for reelection in order to be by Lucifer’s side in his final days.

I absolutely LOVE our President!

2 thoughts on “Our President DESTROYED the Left, Democrats, Rhinos 🦏, CoC, Barry and Every Single Dreamer and Illegal This Evening……..

  1. I just got a chance to read this and had to tell you that you again made my day! I wish you could have met my sister before she died; you share her sense of humor. You had me ROFLMAO! (AGAIN)!

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