WOW! Our President Played All These MORONS In the Senate Like Fools! His EO Next Week Will KILL Obamacare..

Folks what our Lion 🦁 is going to do via EO next week is beyond brilliant! That EO is going to FINALLY liberate the Forgotten Men and Women from the nightmare known as Obamacare. 31 states took the Medicaid Expansion. That allowed able bodied Americans that earned slightly above the poverty line (138%) to benefit in massive subsidies paid by the Federal Government to have Healthcare. They are the only beneficiaries of the great Ponzi scheme known as Obamacare. The 19 states that refused and everyone in those 31 states that accepted the Medicaid Expansion that earns above the BS cutoff got screwed royally. They became the Cash Cow 🐮 needed to payoff the Ponzi scheme. No one gives a 💩 about them.

However, our gift from our Heavenly Father is about to set them free! I hate Rand Paul but he gave a great explanation of what is about to occur.

The Law Rand referenced from 1970 was setup for large corporations and businesses that had employees and localities in multiple states. Think of UPS as an example. UPS benefits from the law because they can negotiate with insurance companies throughout the US on behalf of their employees to get the best price possible to offer their employees healthcare as part of their compensation package. Insurance companies don’t mind lowering their premiums because of the sheer number of employees. They also don’t care about preexisting conditions for certain employees because the pool of healthy employees warps those that are not healthy and would need more care. This is a win win for UPS and the Healthcare companies that do business with them.

That law covers about 34% of Americans. What our President is going to do through that EO is to allow groups of Americans to come together and have the same rights as UPS. A perfect example is the Farmers of America. That is nearly 1 million Americans and their families. Right now they are each an individual person in the eyes of Obamacare. After next week, they are freed from Obamacare and will be seen as one entity. They will setup a representative that will negotiate with insurance companies on their behalf. You will see other Forgotten Men and Women provided the same opportunity throughout our country.

Here is the beauty in this EO. 95% of Americans will be liberated from Obamacare. Those that will group like I described above will have premiums that will be lower than when there wasn’t Obamacare. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!

All that will be left is the 5% that benefit from Obamacare! Our President will flip the script on public opinion in massive numbers by his EO. Democrats and Republicans will be left with the Carcass that is Obamacare. No one in their right mind will fight it in Congress. However, it will be challenged because the Ponzi scheme will be destroyed. Our President is expecting that! He will have 75% of Americans screaming at the courts on his behalf. Democrats and Republicans will be so overwhelmed that they will agree to keeping Obamacare for the 5% and allowing our President’s EO to become actual law so that they both can take credit. It would not shock me that our President allows all 50 states to benefit from the Expansion in return for a cap in Medicaid funding to save it from going bankrupt!



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