Tonight Was An Alabama Crimson Tide Shellacking of MITCH McCONNELL, CoC, KARL ROVE and THE REPUBLICAN ESTABLISHMENT…….

Treepers I hate the fact that our Treehouse is divided this evening! For those that are Bannon disciples, this win tonight had nothing to do with him, Gorka, Palin, Hannity etc. This was an Alabama Crimson Tide shellacking of MITCH McCONNELL, CoC, KARL ROVE and THE REPUBLICAN ESTABLISHMENT. Folks down in Alabama know the game that was played in 2014 to McDaniel in Mississippi and Bevin in Kentucky. They decided this evening to exact their revenge.

Not for one single minute did this have anything to do with their and our LION 🦁! They love ❤️ and adore our President. He has adopted them and meant every single word that he would have considered leaving the cesspool that is NYC to live in Alabama. Our President isn’t hurt one bit this evening. He knows what the D.C. Bubble knows and that is that Alabamans HATE and DESPISE Mitch and the crew referenced above.

$30 million dollars 💵 was spent by the Karl Rove/Mitch McConnell PAC. Every additional million increased Moore’s margin of victory. That is what will give these POSs nightmares for the foreseeable future. Money has become an albatross in elections both for the Democrats and Rhinos. They never ever fathomed the day that would occur. They have nothing left in the playbook.

This result this evening is a blessing for the Tax Reform Bill. There is no way they can’t pass it after the embarrassment of Repeal and Replace! It also helps that three Democrats have crossed over because they realize that any chance for reelection can only slightly occur by doing so. Those 3 Democrats are Heitkamp in ND, Donnelly in IN and Manchin in WV.

For those that are concerned about December 12th, don’t be for a single minute! Roy Moore will win by double digits. Wouldn’t shock me one bit if he wins by a margin of 20 points.

PPD had the best track record when it came to the Presidential Election. They amazingly predicted our President would win PA and MI a few days before the election. I follow them very closely. They had the following on the race against the Democrat in December.

From the article linked above:

A new Alabama Senate poll finds Judge Roy Moore crushing Democrat Doug Jones 52% to 30%, a commanding lead of more than 20 points. Incumbent Senator Luther Strange also leads the former U.S. attorney, but by a smaller 49% to 36% margin.

The Emerson College Poll results are the complete opposite of Big Media talking points that have been fed to voters for weeks. Alabama is not only solidly Republican but also conservative, and Judge Moore, who is known as the Ten Commandment’s Judge, is out of step with D.C. mediates, not with the Heart of Dixie.

President Trump has a 61% favorable and 32% unfavorable spread, but of likely GOP Alabama primary voters, his popularity soars to 80% favorable.


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