This Day Will Go Down In the History Books As the Day the NFL Died………

The NFL will look back on this day and realize that they killed their brand! There is absolutely nothing that will bring it back! I was an NFL junky. I am in two Fantasy Football leagues and would play FanDuel weekly. I will never play FanDuel again and after this year, I will remove myself from the two leagues.

Not sure how many folks realize that the contracts with the TV stations is what sets the salary cap each year for the league. Prior to today, the NFL was projected to lose those TV networks close to $200 million dollars this year alone. After today that number could easily double if not triple. Those networks have clauses in their contracts that they can immediately renegotiate if a certain percentage of revenue loss is reached. That will occur for sure.

That means the NFL salary cap will take a tremendous hit next year and in future years. That means every single player will be losing hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars. The NFL is unique in the sense that only certain numbers of players have guaranteed contracts. Mainly quarterbacks. The rest literally play week to week under their contracts.

The POS Senator from Nebraska, Ben Sasse, begged the players not to take the bait from our President. He realizes that America First will win everyday of the week and twice on Sunday. He also realizes that our President’s base will grow in numbers unimaginable. Ben Sasse realized today he will not run for reelection in 2020!

Roger Goodell, NFL Commissioner, will not be the commissioner next year. He will either resign or be fired by the owners!

Canadians like our brother Dekster, get it! This will touch your heart today!

Fuck the Steelers!

When you stand for the U.K. National Anthem and Kneel for the USA 🇺🇸!

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