I Hope I Am Wrong But I Think Roy Moore Will Win On Tuesday Because the People of Alabama Hate McConnell More Than They Love Our President

The folks that know me understand how much I love ❤️ and adore our President! Hearing that story he shared about Luther Strange and the fact he didn’t have to wine and dine him for him to vote YES on the Obamacare repeal tells me everything I need to know about Luther Strange the man and Senator from Alabama. I actually do hope he wins on Tuesday. That is my heart ❤️ speaking.

However, my mind is telling me something completely different. Our President threw the kitchen sink in favor of Luther Strange this evening. But he also admitted a reality that Mitch McConnell is an anchor ⚓️ attached to Luther’s neck. He repeated that five or six times. He asked the folks of Alabama not to hold that against Luther.

Mitch McConnell and Karl Rove have invested nearly $10 million dollars 💵 into Luther’s election campaign. Every single commercial that plays on the TV or radio ends with the fact that the McConnell/Rove PAC paid for the advertisement. That has been ingrained in people’s minds for months. Those same people have watched Repeal and Replace die four or five times in the Senate and once in the House before the House finally passed it. They have seen the Establishment at work and right, wrong or indifferent, they have lumped Luther with the Establishment.

The great people of Alabama love and adore our President. The problem for Luther is that they hate and despise McConnell and the Establishment even more than they love our President. That is why I have and will continue to predict a Moore victory on Tuesday. I hope I am wrong!


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