Our Wonderful President Decided To Throw His Support Behind the Graham Cassidy Bill & Slap Rand Paul Around As Well…..

Folks I was a bit down yesterday reading article after article watching the Left galvanize behind saving Obamacare! However, our LION this morning decided to officially put himself out there again with 2 wonderful tweets!

I know their are people that admire Senator Rand Paul from Kentucky. To me he maybe the biggest POS of them all! I don’t make that comment lightly because LUCIFER is a Republican Senator (John McCain). Our President is right in his tweet directed to Rand Paul. You have every right to vote NO. Even if in this case, the Governor of KY, Matt Bevin, is ALL IN on the Graham Cassidy Bill. What makes him such a POS is the fact that he continues to run his mouth badmouthing the Graham Cassidy Bill. He is providing so much fuel for the Left.

Here is where we currently stand! Susan Collins is a lost cause. She hasn’t said she is voting NO but she said yesterday that this bill was worse than every other effort by Republicans. Don’t waste a minute calling or emailing her. John McCain is playing his normal role and is loving it! The Republicans are screwing him for multiple reasons.

Governor Doug Ducey from Arizona is ALL IN. McCain went on record Monday in saying that the opinion of the Governor will mean a lot in his final decision. Orrin Hatch will use his committee to have hearings Monday on the bill. Ron Johnson is using his committee Tuesday to have hearings on the bill. This is being done to neutralize McCain’s argument about regular order.

Senator Lamar Alexander yesterday announced that the bipartisan bill is DEAD! Paul Ryan stated unequivocally that he wouldn’t even bring it up for vote in the House. Don’t minimize the fact that Lindsey Graham is the spearhead behind this bill. He has said over and over that this would be the greatest accomplishment in his miserable career. He is also working with Steve Bannon and Breitbart and joked that Dark Vader is a friend in this effort. In my mind, everything I referenced above will have John McCain vote YES.

It all comes down to Lisa Murkowski from Alaska. Terrible news from yesterday was the fact that the Governor from Alaska was one of 10 Governors that signed a letter to Mitch McConnell asking him to abandon this effort and move forward with the bipartisan bill. That really brought me down because she had stated that the opinion of her Governor would be a factor in her decision.

However, I read a Politico article written a few hours ago that has got my hopes back up! There was an interesting tweet in the article.


From the article linked above:

PREPARE FOR SILENCE — THE SENATE left town Tuesday afternoon for the week with a definite sense that GRAHAM-CASSIDY health-care bill had a serious chance of becoming law. DON’T MISTAKE SENATE MAJORITY LEADER MITCH MCCONNELL’s silence for indifference or uncertainty. If he has the votes, he’ll bring this up and send it to the House.

— DEPT. OF NOTHING NEW HERE: THE CRITICAL VOTES: Sens. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) and John McCain (R-Ariz.).

— COULD MURKOWSKI VOTE YES? Consider this tweet, from Kasie Hunt (@kasie): “Sen. Murkowski kicked the door open; she told @LACaldwellDC she could have a convo with Alaskans about it if certain conditions met.” On the other hand, her governor signed a letter with nine other governors asking the Senate not to consider the bill. She has a way out, if she wants one. The letter http://bit.ly/2hhgemY

— HOW ABOUT MCCAIN? He has said he’s mulling over his friend Lindsey Graham’s bill, and as we hung around the Senate yesterday, it seemed like most of his stated objections were procedural — i.e. there aren’t enough hearings, there isn’t enough time.

TAKE NOTE: Neither McCain nor Murkowski has said that they will not vote for this bill yet. If it comes to the floor, it will be next week. REPUBLICANS are still short of 50 votes, and McConnell world has made clear it isn’t interested in seeing another vote go up in flames on the Senate floor.


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