The Trump MONSTER is Continuing To Grow and It Will Devour the Democrats and Rhinos in 2018!

It is data like this that scares the Democrats to DEATH! This trend will continue for the next 3 years. The Democrat Party owns the MOONBOTS and the problem with them is that they have taken over the Asylum! I have said and will continue to say that 2018 will be a bloodbath for the Democrat Party and Uniparty Republicans. The MONSTER continues to grow nationally and there is absolutely nothing they can do to stop it!

From the article linked above:

AZ Rs net gain +11,314. Both parties saw solid gains, but since November Republicans have added 24,918 to their rolls!

CO D net +20 Along with Delaware, CO is the only state to show a Democrat gain. However, earlier in the year the gains were much stronger, meaning that the Republicans have significantly cut into the CO Democrats’ lead.

DE Ds net +365 Both parties saw gains. The only state other than CO I looked at with a net Democrat gain.

FL Rs net +55,498 This is very important. Though both were down, the Democrats were off 80,000. Moreover, FL has shown increasing Republican gains every month, averaging just under 6,000 net advantage increase per month.

IA Rs net + 14,363 Another state where the Republican advantage has continued to grow month by month.

ME Rs net +1,201 while not a large gap, the Republicans don’t need much to win ME in 2020, with only a 23,000 vote difference.

NC Rs +60,918 Like Florida, NC has shown a steadily widening gap since November. Democrats have lost a shocking 80,000 off their rolls.

NH Rs net +6,511 Given that Trump lost this state by only 2,700 votes, again this is a significant gain.

NJ Rs +22,351 This was a shocker as well, given that the Republicans gained 287 voters while the Democrats lost 22,065.

NM Rs +12,810 up by about 2,000 since I looked about two months ago.

NV Rs +19, 799 Again, another state where month by month the net gains by the Republicans continue to grow.

PA Rs +101,000 and as I said above, these numbers are from May and I have reported them before. But still . . . .

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