The Left & MSM Are LYING About the Graham Cassidy Bill! Lets Mobilize With Calls & Emails to 3 Republican Senators to Repeal & Replace Obamacare (Az, AK & ME)

The Left and the MSM are flat out lying 🤥 about the impact of the Graham Cassidy Bill on Alaska. The article that CNN just wrote talks about Alaska losing $844 million dollars 💵 in 2027! They are basing it under an assumption that after 2026, all funding will cease to exist. The only reason the Graham Cassidy Bill talks about funding up until 2026 is because of the rules of Reconciliation. Congress at that time will reauthorize funding (FIRST LIE).

From the article linked above:

Alaska would likely lose out under the Graham-Cassidy bill, which calls for eliminating federal funding for Medicaid expansion and the subsidies that help many enrollees pay for premiums. Instead, the bill would provide a lump sum of money to states to help residents pay for health care through 2026.

Alaska would lose $844 million in federal funding in 2027 under the Graham-Cassidy bill, according to estimates by the left-leaning Center on Budget and Policy Priorities.

Andy Slavitt who was the former CMS Administrator under Barry from 2015 through January 20, 2017 is also pushing this ridiculous lie on Twitter.

Alaska will lose ~$255 million by 2026. That is a fact with the current funding based on the block grant in the bill.

However, what they don’t want ANYONE to know is that states that decided to take the Medicaid Expansion would have to pay 10% from their own budget starting in 2020. The states that refused did so because of that requirement. The Graham Cassidy Bill kills that requirement for Medicaid Expansion States. Thus Alaska actually saves millions upon millions of dollars 💵 in 20′, 21′, 22′, 23′, 24′, 25′ and 26′!

We need to fight these bastards! It is the least we can do for our Great President!

Thank you Treeper (Ginaswo) for providing the numbers and email addresses for the Governors of Maine, Alaska and Arizona (see below). I hope that SD could run a separate thread about the Bill but more importantly what WE can do starting today to mobilize our efforts on behalf of our President. We need to counter their phone calls and emails.

– To contact AZ Governor Ducey and ask him to tell McCain to vote YES,
Phoenix: 602.542.4331
Tucson: 520.628.6580

– To email AZ Gov.Ducey to ask him to tell McCain to vote yes on cassidy graham

– To contact Alaska Governor Walker to ask him to tell Murkowski to vote YES,
Call the Governor’s office
(907) 465-3500

– To contact Maine Governor LePage to ask him to tell Collins to vote YES,

I am also sharing a Resist Graham Cassidy tweet that the Left shared because it has phone numbers for the three Republican Senators on it for us to call.

For those on Twitter as well as those that want to email their network, you will find my blog asking folks to mobilize with all the information Ginaswo and I provided above.

Treeper MM with a broken leg from Hurricane Irma caused when a tornado hit a friend’s house in which she SAVED lives has done her part this evening.

MM’s response:

Fleporeblog, Do you mind if I copy this word for word and send it out to everyone of my email contacts? I have contacts all across the country.

My response:

MM absolutely! You never have to ask!

MM’s response:

Thanks, I’ll push this out to my contacts and they will forward to their contacts.


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