The NUTS Have Taken Over the ASYLUM and There Is Nothing That the Democrats Can Do! The DREAMERS Want Blood!!!!!

Folks the nuts have truly taken over the ASYLUM! They see Barry from Hawaii as nothing but a BS artist. They see the entire Democrat Party as nothing but liars! What happened in the video above was devastating for them! They can spin it all they want but the Democrats are truly screwed! I was listening to Hannity this afternoon and someone said that the Democrats hate for the WALL is far greater than their concern for the Dreamers. I absolutely believe that. They see that WALL as the one thing that can separate our President from his base.

You think the folks that Salena Zito was talking about when she wrote her piece this weekend give a SHIT about these “Dreamers” and their ILLEGAL PARENTS!!!!!!!! NO WAY! They want that WALL and they want their towns to look like they did before the mass execution that took place 40+ years ago! THEY WANT AMERICA TO BE GREAT AGAIN!

From the article linked above:

CAMPBELL, OHIO — Forty years ago, on Sept. 19, thousands of men walked into the Campbell Works of Youngstown Sheet and Tube along the Mahoning River before the early shift.

Like every fall morning, they were armed with lunch pails and hard hats; the only worry on their minds was the upcoming Pittsburgh Steelers game on “Monday Night Football.” The only arguing you heard was whether quarterback Terry Bradshaw had fully recovered from the dramatic hit he took from a Cleveland Browns player the season before.

It was just before 7 a.m., and the fog that had settled over the river was beginning to lift. As the sun began to streak through mist, the men made their way into the labyrinth of buildings where they worked.

In the next hour their lives would change forever.

From then on, this date in 1977 would be known as Black Monday in the Steel Valley, which stretches from Mahoning and Trumbull counties in Ohio eastward toward Pittsburgh. It is the date when Youngstown Sheet and Tube abruptly furloughed 5,000 workers all in one day.

The bleeding never stopped.

Within a decade 40,000 jobs were gone. Within that same decade, 50,000 people had left the region, and by the next decade that number was up to 100,000. Today the 22 miles of booming steel mills and the support industries that once lined the Mahoning River have mostly disappeared — either blown up, dismantled or reclaimed by nature.

The events of Black Monday forever changed not only the Steel Valley, but her people and eventually American culture and politics. Just last year the reverberations were felt in the presidential election when many hard-core Democrats from this area broke from their party to vote for Donald Trump, a Republican who promised to bring jobs back to the Heartland.

For a man who has spent 40 years of his life trying to bring jobs back, Steinbeck has only one wish: “That young people understand what happened here, so the same mistakes do not happen again to their kids, or their kids’ kids.”

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