Bernie Sanders Is Going to Destroy the Democrat Party Because of His $32 Trillion Dollar 💵 Single Payer Healthcare Bill

Many Democrats other than the crazies that are backing Single Payer are pissed 😡 off with Bernie Sanders and the 16 other Senators that cosponsored his bill. They had a golden opportunity to run against the Republicans for the mockery they made throughout the process to Repeal and Replace Obamacare during the lead up to the 2018 election.

By Bernie introducing Single Payer, he has put an anchor ⚓️ around the neck of every single Democrat running in the Senate that could very easily lose their seat. Ten Democrats come from states our President won. Three others come from states we could flip (VA, NJ and ME).

Heidi Heitkamp would have absolutely no chance even if she votes Yes for Tax Reform (which I expect her to do). How can she run on Single Payer. She can’t! She would have to defend Obamacare which by that point would be on life support. Also she would be questioned why she didn’t support the Graham/Cassidy Bill.

There is a piece of me that thinks she is the one Democrat that could cross the aisle and tell Cassidy that she will vote for his bill. ND would financially benefit in doing so. She may realize the Democrat Party has abandoned her because of how far left they have moved. The same is true for Joe Manchin (WV) and Joe Donnelly (IN).

As crazy as this sounds, I think Crying 😭 Chuck would be grateful because Single Payer would be dead 💀 and they could go back to crying 😭 that Republicans killed Obamacare.

From the article linked above:

Republicans are cheering on the Democrats’ embrace of single-payer health care, believing the move to the left will be an albatross for candidates in next year’s elections.

After playing defense on health care for months as they failed to fill a promise to repeal ObamaCare, Bernie Sanders’s increasingly popular ‘Medicare for all’ gives the GOP new momentum to blast Democrats. And they’ve got plenty of targets, with 16 Democratic senators backing Sanders’ effort and a similar House measure supported by half of the party’s caucus.

Democrats are hoping President Trump’s high unfavorability ratings, a surge of new candidates and the trend of the party out of power gaining in off year elections could help them win back the House and make gains in the Senate.

In particular, Republicans will take aim at the potential costs of a single-payer system. A 2016 estimate from the left-leaning Urban Institute found a previous plan from Sanders would cost $32 trillion over 10 years.

Sen. Tammy Baldwin (D-Wis.) is the only Democratic senator up for reelection in 2018 in a state won by Trump who has signed on to Sanders’s bill, but her seat is generally considered safe.

Still, the National Republican Senatorial Committee, the Senate GOP’s campaign arm, wasted no time in hitting Baldwin for her support.

“Baldwin’s socialist health care system would allow the federal government to take more of Wisconsin families’ hard earned money. Tammy Baldwin wants to live in a fantasy land where everything is free, but Wisconsin families understand how her health care plan will end up costing them,” the NRSC said in a statement.

Some of the most vulnerable Senate Democrats up for reelection are steering clear of the single payer debate.

Sens. Joe Donnelly (Ind.), Claire McCaskill (Mo.) and Joe Manchin (W.V.), all running in states won by Trump in races considered to be toss-ups by election analysts, have distanced themselves from single payer.

But as more Democrats continue to sign on, Republicans hope to tie the issue to the entire party, regardless of whether or not they support it.


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