Our President Is a Magician! He Played the Democrats and Rhinos Like a Fiddle Over DACA

If you haven’t listened to our President in the clip below, you are allowing yourself to become sick over this entire issue for no reason!

Our President is beyond brilliant! He has played everyone like a fiddle with this issue. The Uniparty Republicans and Democrats thought they had finally broken our President from his base. He was putting up the white flag when it comes to the WALL. They ran with that all last night and into this morning. Our President has caused them the greatest upcoming week of no sleep in their despicable lives. Not only is he demanding the WALL funding in either the Budget Bill which has to be signed by December 9th, he is also laying the groundwork for a Remittance Bill which will have Mexico and others from Central and South America pay for the wall and its upkeep for generations to come.

By separating the WALL from a DACA deal was BRILLIANT! He is showing that he is willing to negotiate DACA in good faith long after the battle on the Budget and/or Remittance Bill for the WALL is done. He will demand that the RAISE Act be part of any deal for the Dreamers. With this strategy, we will have our cake and eat it too!

A dumb Democrat yesterday exposed half of our President’s strategy. The video above takes care of the WALL and the other half.

There will be no blame on the President who took his biggest campaign promise off the table in order to negotiate in good faith! Steven Miller and our beloved Lion 🦁 are laughing 😂 their asses off.

Even the writer for The Hill missed the Art of the Deal in his article.


From the article linked above:

President Trump told lawmakers Wednesday that Republicans will move quickly to shelter hundreds of thousands of “Dreamers” facing an uncertain future after the president gutted a program granting legal rights to those same immigrants.

He also promised he would not seek to link funding for his proposed border wall to legislative action on the program.

Democratic leaders have warned that they’ll opposed any new funding for Trump’s border wall. In response, the president told the lawmakers Wednesday that he’ll divorce the issue from a DACA bill.

“He said, ‘We don’t have to tie a wall to this. We can put a wall [in another bill],’” Cuellar said, emphasizing that other border enforcement measures would likely be included.


Trump also floated another idea that would certainly complicate passage of a DACA fix: the president, Cuellar said, wants to include parts of a GOP bill that demands more merit-based screenings for immigrants while reducing the number of legal immigrants by roughly a half over a decade. That proposal, sponsored by Sens. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) and David Perdue (R-Ga.), is a non-starter for most Democrats.

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