This POLL Has Put Many Democrats and Uniparty Republicans In the Hospital This Evening!

The Democrats and Uniparty Republicans had a heart attack earlier today reading the following about how Seniors feel about our President. Remember who tends to vote in non Presidential Years………

You will not hear a single word about this INCREDIBLE Poll on any of the MSM channels including Fox. I can’t quantify what this means because the results are so MASSIVE. We are talking about 65,000 Seniors that were polled.

From the article linked above:

A survey of over 65,000 seniors has found that virtually all — 99.2 percent — believe the media wants President Trump to fail, the latest condemnation of the president’s coverage.

A Survey Monkey poll also found that most, 71 percent, back Trump’s reelection and many believe that he is making good on his campaign promises.

It also found that the seniors feel that congressional Republicans want Trump to fail.

– 95.9 percent strongly or mostly approve of Trump’s job performance.

– 71 percent will strongly back his reelection, 23.2 percent will “likely” back reelection.

– 93.6 percent support Trump’s newly aggressive anti-terror plan in Afghanistan.

– 94.9 “strongly agree” that the media is out to get Trump, 4.3 percent “mostly agree.”

– 92 percent feel congressional Republicans want Trump to fail.

– 56 percent “strongly believe” Trump is fulfilling his campaign promises, 38.9 “mostly” agree.

– 84.4 percent do not believe Trump colluded with Russia in the 2016 election.

– 86.3 percent back Trump’s threat to shut down the government over border wall funding.

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