Could Crazy 😜 Bernie and Pocahontas (Elizabeth Warren) End Obamacare and Their Dream of Single Payer…..

I tend to agree with Lindsey Graham’s tweet below. Crazy Bernie and Pocahontas are rolling out their Medicaid For All Bill on Tuesday. These two are such Morons because five Democrat Senators voted against a similar bill when it was introduced during the Repeal and Replace push that failed in late July. Those same five Democrats will be mortified that their Party is going to run nationally on this topic in 2018.

Sweet justice would be for Heidi Heitkamp from ND or Joe Donnelly from IN or Joe Manchin from WV saying the hell with my Party, I am voting YES on the Graham/Cassidy/Heller Bill. Their states would financially benefit and they absolutely know it!

From the article linked above:

The effort to repeal and replace Obamacare isn’t quite dead. It will officially expire on September 30 without any further congressional intervention.

States could subsidize the purchase of health insurance just as current law does (though some states would have to kick in more money than they do now). Blue states could use the money to test single-payer plans if they wanted. Red states could spend it entirely on high-risk pools, subsidizing the sickest patients enough to effectively remove them from the individual market and bring down costs for everyone. “You’ve got to cover people who’ve been sick,” Graham tells us, “but there will be 50 different ways to do it.”

There are a few reasons to think that this last-ditch bill might pass. The biggest sign of hope came on September 6 when Arizona senator John McCain, who cast the deciding vote against the “skinny repeal” bill at the end of July, signaled his support for the Graham-Cassidy plan so long as there was enough time for a hearing, debate, and votes on amendments from both parties. Three weeks is not much time, but it is enough to debate a bill whose basic framework has been public for most of the year and which leaves the key decisions up to the states.

Conservatives will argue that the bill does not provide enough relief from Obamacare’s burdensome requirements to cover people with preexisting conditions, and they have been right to identify those provisions as the main cause of Obamacare’s high costs. Graham and Cassidy argue that states’ ability to use the money on high-risk pools and other health care initiatives can effectively address that problem and that waivers from the secretary of Health and Human Services will help states create functional insurance markets with affordable plans that aren’t subject to many of Obamacare’s regulations.

Graham-Cassidy defunds Planned Parenthood and redirects the money to community health centers. If the senators’ 2015 words meant anything, they will push for a vote on the bill before the end of September.

The Graham-Cassidy plan just so happens to funnel the block grants through an existing health-care law to which the Hyde amendment—a measure banning federal funding of elective abortions—is permanently attached.

“Senator McConnell has said get him 50 votes, and he’ll bring it to the floor,” reports Cassidy. “We feel good,” he says. “Never felt better about it,” concurs Graham.


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