Holy 💩! President Trump Pulled Off the Biggest Coup In the World! Bye, Bye Obamacare

Folks I think our President pulled off the biggest coup imaginable today! He absolutely played the Uniparty. Yesterday, the WH was telling Republican Leadership that our President would back their idea of tying the 18 Month Debt Ceiling Hike to the Hurricane Harvey Relief Bill. Crying 😭 Chuck and Nancy Pelosi decided they would score some points with their base by publicly stating in the Oval Office what they wanted to do. Never ever in a million years did they expect our President in front of the Turtle and Lying Ryan to accept their proposal.

He has completely gutted the “Jam Packed September Calendar” by taking the Democrat Leadership’s offer. Now with nothing left to impede them, the Repeal and Replacement of Obamacare takes center stage! The Parliamentarian stated a week or so ago that Reconciliation using the 2017 Budget ends at 11:59:59 on September 30th.

Our President met this evening at the WH with both Lindsey Graham and Bill Cassidy. The WAPO, Politico and others have sprung into action. They realize that with Lucifer’s announcement from earlier today that he would vote YES on the Graham/Cassidy Bill, the Republicans may actually have 50+ votes in the Senate. Barry’s minions have also sprung into action.


From the article linked above:

Not 24 hours later, the president cut a deal with Democrats on a short-term debt ceiling increase opposed by McConnell and House Speaker Paul Ryan. Just Wednesday morning, in fact, Ryan had scoffed at the Democratic offer that Trump accepted minutes later.

“A three-month debt ceiling? Why not do a daily debt ceiling?” cracked Rep. Mike Simpson (R-Idaho). “He’s the best deal-maker ever. Don’t you know? I mean, he’s got a book out!”

And though he made clear to reporters that this was Trump’s deal — not his and Ryan’s — he said he would nevertheless support it.

Sen. Ben Sasse (R-Neb.) declared the “Pelosi-Schumer-Trump” deal simply “bad” — but others fretted about a new, more liberal-leaning dynamic.

Rep. Mark Walker of North Carolina, the Republican Study Committee Chairman, said he was “taken aback” by the deal and seemed blindsided by the president’s decision.

“It’s unsettling,” Walker said. “It’s hard for the conference; I can only imagine what it is for leadership.”

On Wednesday morning, Ryan called the deal floated by Democrats to fund the government and lift the debt ceiling through mid-December as part of a relief package for Hurricane Harvey victims “disgraceful.” Expecting cover from Trump on their insistence to extend the debt ceiling much longer, Ryan and McConnell instead were abandoned.

Just the night before, Ryan and his leadership team were told by White House officials that Trump would publicly endorse their plan to pair Harvey emergency funding bill with an 18-month debt ceiling hike. They were optimistic his support would help secure more Republican votes.

Only, Trump went rogue. White House officials apologized to congressional leaders after the meeting, according to a GOP source on Capitol Hill. But the damage was done.

“It doesn’t help our leadership to try to hold us Republicans together on anything when they know the president will chop them off at the knees,” said a House Republican lawmaker allied with Ryan. “Trump has got to start caring more about his colleagues over here.”


From the article linked above:

Six weeks after he stopped his party from repealing much of the Affordable Care Act, Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) said he could support a compromise that had been shelved months earlier — one that the president has hinted he would sign.

McCain, Graham’s closest friend in the Senate, said that he would obviously support Graham’s bill. After killing the GOP’s last repeal attempt, saying that the Senate needed to return to regular order, McCain hinted that he could make an exception.

But in a Wednesday interview on Fox News, White House adviser Kellyanne Conway said that the president was “ready with pen in hand to sign health-care reform if, say, Graham-Cassidy moves forward.” That, plus McCain’s comments, kicked off a fresh panic from activists who had twice stopped the repeal push.

Meanwhile, Graham and Cassidy would continue pitching their plan, and would head to the White House later Wednesday to discuss it — with the text arriving sometime later.

“Stay tuned,” Graham said. “It’s coming out and it’s coming out this week.”


From the article linked above:

White House adviser Kellyanne Conway said Wednesday that President Trump would sign an ObamaCare repeal plan from GOP Sens. Bill Cassidy(La.) and Lindsey Graham (S.C.) if Congress passed it.

“The president’s ready, he’s ready with pen in hand to sign health-care reform if, say, Graham-Cassidy moves forward. A lot of the governors seem to be supportive of that, people have been working on that very strongly over the recess,” Conway said on “America’s Newsroom” on Fox News.

However, Congress has a lot to do in September (NOT ANYMORE), and the Senate parliamentarian ruled last week that reconciliation, the fast-track budget vehicle Republicans were using to repeal ObamaCare, expires at the end of the month.



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