It Is Critical That Republicans Push For the RAISE Act in any Deal on the Dreamers

Senator Tom Cotton from Arkansas was on this morning with Morning Joe. I actually encourage folks to watch the 4:26 clip below. He explains that under our current immigration laws, every single family member would benefit if the Dreamers were provided citizenship because of the “Unlimited Chain Migration”. They are the ones that violated the law in the first place. He is also rightfully concerned that this would encourage the next wave of DACA type kids to get into the country because eventually they will be trying to fight for citizenship for them.

The RAISE Act in my mind is SO CRITICAL! It is as important if not more important than the WALL (Don’t kill me).

From the article linked above:

A third way forward for Republicans is to fold a DACA-like amnesty into a bigger immigration reform bill that includes elements of Trump’s agenda, including cuts to legal immigration, funding for the border wall and mandatory e-Verify for businesses. Arkansas Republican Senator Tom Cotton has entertained the idea of combining DACA into the RAISE Act, a bill he co-sponsored that would slash legal immigration levels and move the U.S. to a merit-based system for admitting immigrants.

“We should find a way to give [them] legal status,” Cotton told the Washington Examiner. “But we also have to mitigate the inevitable consequences of that action.”

Some immigration hawks favor such a deal, provided that any green cards issued to former DACA recipients are offset by cuts elsewhere. Mark Krikorian, director of the Center for Immigration Studies, says any agreement must include a provision in the RAISE Act that ends the practice of family chain-migration.

“The RAISE Act’s elimination of the unlimited legal immigration category for parents of citizens is key here: If we’re going to amnesty young people in part because they did not make the decision to come here illegally, then those who did make that decision should not be permitted to benefit from the amnesty,” he wrote last week in a blog post for National Review.

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