Immigration Will Be the Death 💀 of Democrats and Rhinos 🦏

What is the one topic that brings together Republicans with a majority of Independents as well as Reagan Democrats?


What our President did today by having AG Jeff Sessions announce the plan to rescind DACA is beyond brilliant! The RAISE Act is kryptonite to the Gang of 8 Amnesty folks. I love to look at the Yahoo comment section whenever immigration is discussed. It is the only topic that flips the comments completely upside down. You will see a 4:1 or 5:1 ratio of opponents against illegal immigration versus those who support open borders. The Uniparty also exposes themselves in these articles.

Democrats and Uniparty Republicans are petrified about immigration! I hope that they do everything in their power to stop the RAISE Act, Kate’s Law and Sanctuary Cities Bill from becoming law. Dreamers die and Democrats get the blame because they were unwilling to participate in real Immigration Reform.

Every single Democrat and Uniparty Republican will have to show their true colors! Our President will use that to campaign like crazy in those states on the need of getting Trump Republicans into the Senate in order for these three pieces of legislation to pass. The funniest part is that he will include the Dreamers and make himself look like the HERO!

We have 13 Democrats/Independents that are very vulnerable in 2018. 10 Democrats come from states our President won during the Presidential Election. Good luck saying that you weren’t willing to negotiate in good faith to save the Dreamers. Our Lion will have the parents of killed children by illegals with him in every single rally in those states. The RNC will put a majority of their money into those states. We truly could win 8 to 10 of those states on this one topic alone!

You tell me if voters in these 11 states would vote the Democrat/Independent back in knowing they were not willing to negotiate on Immigration Reform to help Americans and the Dreamers:

WV, OH, MO, MT, ND, IN, PA, FL, WI, MI and ME

The other two states we will go after the Democrats in is NJ (Menendez) and VA (Kaine).

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce (their masters) also expressed doubt that the RAISE Act would improve the employment landscape.

“The goal of moving to a more skills-based immigration system that meets the diverse needs of our economy is a good one and one long championed by the Chamber,” Randy Johnson, senior vice president for labor, immigration, and employee benefits at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce said. “But dramatically reducing overall immigration levels won’t raise the standard of living for Americans. In fact, it will likely accomplish the opposite, making it harder for businesses, communities, and our overall economy to grow, prosper, and create jobs for American workers.”

Here are some of the comments in the comment section (notice the number of likes versus dislikes) from the link above:

T Gutierrez said:

We are a nation of laws. Yes, the immigration system needs reform. But granting illegals a permanent stay will open the door for others to flood our borders with children. President was right to leave this to congress…is it unfortunate for those 800,000 or so…yeah, but the fault lies in their parents. The interest of Americans should always come first. Yes, I am a Hispanic American, my grandparents came to this country legally and busted their tails to earn their citizenship.
Likes – 2,816 / Dislikes – 795

GovFreebies said:

Million’s of Legal-Hispanic families spent Time & Money to come here Legally and HAD THE CLASS TO LEARN ENGLISH Voted for & agree with Trump. ___ Nothing like the ILLEGALS here in Northern Tijuana (formally known as SoCal). Legal Hispanic here in CA where ILLEGALS OWN our politicians & judges, English is a 2nd Language & Americans are 2nd Class Citizens.
Likes – 2,686 / Dislikes – 910

SMILE said:

Amen. We finally have a President that enforces the Law. Deport and End DACA.
Likes – 2,894 / Dislikes – 1,415

user said:

Notice vast majority of comments are against DACA.
Likes – 1,993 / Dislikes – 462

4Th And Drunk said:

Great news, DACA was illegal to anyway.
Likes – 2,046 / Dislikes – 601

dan said:

Democrats prove once again that they don’t care about American Citizens, they forget about citizens and worry only about other countries.
Likes – 2,154 / Dislikes – 875

FreeNIndependant said:

Awesome! We are the nation of laws.
Likes – 1,917 / Dislikes – 581

John said:

That’s great news. The rest of obummers executive orders need to be repealed too!!
Likes – 1,738 / Dislikes – 647


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