Every Economic Indicator Is Continuously Higher Than the “So Called Experts” Predictions

Folks every single indicator out there is beating the expectations of the so called experts! They are at a loss in their predictions that are wrong every time a new Economic Indicator is released. It is absolutely amazing and wonderful because they can’t make sense of it!

The following two indicators tell me we may very well reach 4.0% GDP for the 3rd quarter that ends at the end of September. The Economic Train 🚂 has left the station and there is absolutely nothing the Uniparty, CoC, MSM, Big Club etc. can do to stop it as it continues to pick up speed. This is SCARING the Uniparty, CoC, Big Club, Globalist and MSM to death 💀!


From the article linked above:

American factories accelerated in August at the fastest pace of expansion since 2011, data from the Institute for Supply Management showed Friday.

The ISM purchasing manufacturers surveyed showed all six of the biggest manufacturing industries ramped up activity in August.

The monthly purchasing managers index rose 2.5 points to 58.8, reflecting employment rising to its highest level since June of 2011, an increase in production and rising inventories. Economists had expected a reading of 56.5. Any reading over 50 indicates growth.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics said on Friday that manufacturing employment increased the most since 2012.

The sustained gains in manufacturing reflect rising consumer spending and business investment. The ISM number from Friday suggests that third quarter economic growth may be greater than previously thought. Some economists believe that the economy could be growing at a four percent pace right now.


From the article linked above:

The Consumer Confidence Index rose in August to 122.9, despite expectations of a decline, The Conference Board announced Tuesday.

Economist polled by Reuters expected a decline to 120.3. This better-than-expected result puts consumer confidence at its second best level this year.

“Consumers’ more buoyant assessment of present-day conditions was the primary driver of the boost in confidence,” the Conference Board’s director of economic indicators Lynn Franco said in a statement.

In August, consumers said jobs were even more “plentiful” than last month’s report, up to 35.4 percent from 33.2 percent, while also saying jobs were not as “hard to get.”

The Consumer Confidence Index beat expectations last month as well.

Consumers found the current environment to be improving. The Conference Board reported those saying business conditions are “good” increased to 34.5 percent from 32.5 percent in the previous month, while the number who assessed business conditions to be “bad” was slightly lower to 13.1 percent from 13.5 percent.

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