The Media Tells Me Race Relations Are Terrible But My Eyes Are Showing Different Races in Texas Saving Each Other

Watching all the love that is being shown throughout the state of Texas by people of different skin color for one another is beyond incredible! The nation is watching and seeing all these images. Yet over a week or so ago, WE as Americans were told that race relations are at the lowest point ever in the 21st century.

I share this because the MONSTER is continuing to grow with all the Cold Anger everyday Americans are feeling. They cannot make sense of the stark difference between what the media is telling them from what their eyes are seeing. Their minds and hearts are realizing that what they are being told is a complete LIE versus what they are seeing. These folks may not have been part of our Monster but I truly believe they are joining it by the thousands daily.

Next year when commercials are run by Republicans that highlight this past two weeks, they will be reminded of what they know. The MSM, Democrats, GOPe, Left Wing sites etc. have lied to them. Seeing Antifa in action in Berkley the same weekend that the images above were taking place will bring out their Cold Anger in ways they haven’t felt for over a year. I truly believe in my heart they will destroy Uniparty Republicans in primaries and Democrats on Election Day.

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