The Contrast Between President Trump and His Predecessor During the Flood in TX Versus the Flood in LA Last Year Can Not Be Reconciled by Barry’s Disciples

The contrast between our Gift from God and his predecessor from Kenya is so stark that their is no way his disciples can try to reconcile it! Also the contrast between our Angel for a First Lady, Melania and whatever you want to call the previous FLOTUS is also on full display.

Barry decided that “Jihadist” Valerie could deal with the inconvenience in LA while he stayed with his wife and daughters on vacation. Michelle gets mad according to Barry when their vacation is interrupted!

From the article linked above:

Obama paused vacation to fundraise but not to visit Louisiana

In remarks President Barack Obama made August 15, he said that his wife, Michelle Obama, insists that he commit to vacation when he’s on vacation. It’s understandable that Mrs. Obama would insist that the president, a husband and father of two teenagers, carve off a dedicated block of time to spend time with them. The irony is that the president made his remark at a fundraiser for Hillary Clinton. He suspended his vacation to raise money for her, but he didn’t suspend his vacation to visit a flooded Baton Rouge.

Maybe the sanctity of his vacation time would have been more respected if he hadn’t seen fit to break it to raise money for his party. His vacation now over, the president has announced plans to visit Louisiana Tuesday, Aug. 23.

“I am not complaining about our federal partnership in any way,” Gov. John Bel Edwards said Thursday when asked about the president not coming to Louisiana. “The president is welcome to visit whenever he wants to visit.” Edwards also said, “I have been in contact with the White House just about every day, with Valerie Jarrett (the president’s senior advisor) and others.”

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