Rep Mark Meadows From NC Is Really Stepping Up On MAGA! Next Speaker of The House?

Rep Mark Meadows from NC is really stepping up big time! He would be my first choice to replace Paul Ryan as Speaker of the House. Love that he talks about his support of the Graham/Cassidy/Heller Repeal and Replace Bill. He also throws Ryan under the bus about not taking up the new bill. The Rhinos 🦏 and CoC will be screwed if 25+ Republican Governors back it and push for it.

From the article linked above:

“We’re going to have to juggle [the debt ceiling, Obamacare repeal, spending bill, and tax reform] and if we don’t I can tell that really the next 12 days, and that’s all we have — 12 legislative days in September — will decide whether we’re going to remain in power as a Republican majority or not,”

Meadows said that House Speaker Paul Ryan’s efforts to stick with the bill that passed the House dealing with healthcare is dead and that Congress needs to rally around a new plan. He spoke highly of efforts by former Sen. Rick Santorum—who is working with Sen. Lindsey Grahan (R-SC) and the nation’s GOP governors on a new plan—to do just that.

“We can’t stick with the current bill — that’s already been rejected by the Senate so that may make for a good talking point, but it doesn’t make for good policy,” Meadows said. “Rick Santorum has been working really hard with Lindsay Graham and a number of other senators. I’ve spoken to Sen. Graham and Sen. Santorum over the August recess and it’s got real merit — it’s actually about returning the power to the states — making sure we give governors real flexibility over the dollars that we send. The decisions that get made closet to the actual patient are the decisions that are best. Somehow we think the decisions that are made in Washington, D.C. somehow are much better. I can tell you that the further they are away from the actual place that they get consumed the worse it gets. I like the work that Santorum is putting forth and hopefully if we can give it some flexibility and add some of those — what I say — consumer choice that Mike Lee and Ted Cruz have supported — I think it has real merit and could actually take off when we get back in September.”

Anyone interested in more info about the latest Repeal and Replace Bill, you can find it in the tweet from Rick Santorum below.

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