Rep Lou Barletta Is All In! He is Running For The Senate Seat Of Democrat Incumbent, Bob Casey in PA

This announcement made my day! Rep Lou Barletta has said that he is running for the Senate seat that Democrat Incumbent, Bob Casey from PA, currently occupies. Lou and our President are very close friends. Lou has supported our President from the beginning. He is a hardliner when it comes to immigration.

The state of PA has had two NEW coal mines open recently.

Party affiliation has been moving favorably in the direction of Republicans in PA since Election Day. For example, between November 8 and May 16, coming off the election “high”, registered Democrats in Pennsylvania fell by an astounding 166,353 while Republicans fell by 65,401, leaving a net +100,952 for Republicans.

From the article linked above:

By almost a 3-to-1 margin, Pennsylvanians say they want legal immigration — that has been averaging around one million a year — reduced to a half-million or less. That is the preference of nearly all demographic groups, including Pennsylvania’s Democrats, Republicans, Independents, Union Households, Catholics, Evangelicals, Protestants and those of other religions and no religion, and residents of major cities, suburbs, and rural areas, according to a survey conducted by Pulse Opinion Research of 1,000 Pennsylvanians likely to vote in next year’s midterm congressional elections.

The results suggest that support from Pennsylvanians across the political spectrum for cutting immigration likely had an impact on President Trump winning the state in 2016 and that support for less immigration would likely continue to be reflected at the polls in 2018.

Look what state is benefiting from the Ukraine deal! Hint: From the TRUMP BELT.

From the article linked above:

A Pennsylvania company will send 700,000 tons of coal to Ukraine in a deal the administration of President Donald Trump heralded as an important tool to undercut the power Russia has over its European neighbors.

At a ceremony in Kiev Monday, Pennsylvania-based Xcoal Energy & Resources LLC announced an agreement with Ukraine power generator Centrenergo PJSC to supply the 700,000 tons for this winter season. Ukraine’s initial purchase for 210,000 tons will be at a price of $113 a ton, Oleh Kozemko, acting chief executive officer of Centrenergo, told reporters during a press conference in Kiev.

“Russia makes its money through selling of oil, and we’ve got underneath us more oil than anybody, and nobody knew it until five years ago,” he told reporters earlier this month. “And I want to use it.”

The contract represents the first time U.S. origin thermal coal has been supplied to a customer in Ukraine, Latrobe, Pennsylvania-based Xcoal said in a statement. The deal will create and sustain hundreds of jobs for Pennsylvania coal miners, it said.

“The U.S. coal will replace Russian origin coal at existing thermal power plants, i.e. energy security and diversification,” Ernie Thrasher, Xcoal’s chief executive officer said by email.

From the article linked above:

Rep. Lou Barletta, a Pennsylvania Republican and reliable ally of President Trump, on Tuesday announced he will challenge Democratic Sen. Bob Casey in the state’s U.S. Senate race in 2018.

In an announcement video, Mr. Barletta said people “deserve a leader who actually listens to them and fights for them in Washington.”

He encouraged people to sign up to support him on his campaign website.

“You’ll be sending a loud and clear message that you have joined the effort to make Pennsylvania, and America, great again,” he said, playing off Mr. Trump’s campaign slogan.

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