Thank You From the Bottom of My Heart ❤️ For Pardoning Sheriff Joe Arpaio

They wanted Sheriff Joe to be put in handcuffs at the sentencing. The sentencing was scheduled on a Friday. They wanted to embarrass him in the worse way possible. Our Lion 🦁 told them all to go to hell! Now they are petrified of what the Great Sheriff will have to say.

For those thinking our President was trying to hide the pardon on a Friday night before the hurricane was going to hit just don’t know our President. He purposely did it for maximum exposure!

From the article linked above:

“He’s a big supporter of law enforcement,” Arpaio said. “I know it came from his heart. Two years ago, I supported him for his rally, and I always said, regardless of pardon or no pardon, I’ll be with him until the end, and I say that. So I’m really happy with all of the support I receive across the nation, Arizona, for this pardon, and I’ll have more to speak out and let the true story come out about abuse of the judicial system and politics.”

Sheriff Joe’s endorsement was HUGE! In my mind just as important as Jeff Sessions. He did it a month or so out from the first primary. Folks on conservative sites like Breibart were stopped in their tracks. They went from mocking our President to taken notice that he might be the real deal because of Sheriff Joe. The Establishment hates him for it.

This article from Breibart makes me love ❤️ our President and this decision even more!

From the article linked above:

Arpaio also used the interview to hit back at Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) for criticizing Trump’s decision to pardon the former sheriff for criminal contempt of court. Arpaio said he was “a little surprised” by McCain’s comments and alleged that McCain was just trying to “make the president look bad.”

Arpaio hit back at McCain:

I’m a little surprised at the senator. He did call me after my (election) loss… I’m really shocked that he took that shot at me. I stayed out of his race as a matter of courtesy and he called me after I lost. ‘Anything I can do for you?’ Well, thank Senator. Thanks a lot.

Maybe it’s not just me. He doesn’t like the president so going after me he figures will make the president look bad. But that’s sad. That’s how politicians are. Remember who the deciding vote was on Obamacare. Think of that. Think of that and how many people are going to suffer. He should be supporting our president.

Apraio further responded to frequent Trump critic Jeff Flake, McCain’s fellow Arizona senator, who tweeted of the pardon: “I would have preferred that the President honor the judicial process and let it take its course.”

Arpaio asserted that Flake “is trying to make points with the mayor. And all those other Democrat politicians and all of those activists saying the same thing.”

He went on to praise Trump, saying “I would still support him regardless of the pardon.”

“I’m glad he had the guts to do what he did,” he added. “I’m just sad that he has to take some heat from certain media outlets if you know what I mean. But they go after him all of the time. When he does anything they tear him apart. I have never seen anything like this.”

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