The Death of The GOP Establishment Is Picking Up Steam

The GOP Establishment is going to die a slow death 💀 over the next year! It will start on September 26th in Alabama. Mo Brooks’ 19% that voted for him will break heavily for Moore. Meaning Moore will win going away by double digits. This will be played by the MSM as a rebuke on our President. However, the Swamp Creatures and our President will know the Truth!

Folks our President rightfully backed Luther Strange because Luther has voted 95% of the time in favor of our President’s agenda. The problem for Luther is that the people of Alabama HATE Mitch McConnell and his Super PAC run by Karl Rove. Luther also screwed himself by making a deal with the Devil by saying he would never vote to lower the threshold from 60 to 51 votes in the Senate to pass legislation. In return McConnell has thrown already $10 million dollars 💵 towards Luther. The people of Alabama have heard from Roy Moore and Mo Brooks that they are Anti Establishment and more importantly Anti McConnell. Both men said they would vote for 51 votes in the Senate to pass legislation and would NEVER vote for McConnell to be the party leader.

Come next August, Flake, Heller and Bob Corker (if he even decides to run) will be primared!

Look what is happening to Jeff Flake in AZ! In this case the people of AZ are backing our President.

From the article linked above:

A statewide Arizona survey of 400 likely Arizona 2018 General Election voters shows Republican incumbent Senator Jeff Flake fourteen points behind his primary Republican opponent Kelli Ward.

Q.If the primary election for United States Senate were held today, would you vote for [Rotate] Jeff Flake or Kelli Ward?

28.2% – Jeff Flake
42.5% – Kelli Ward
5.1% – Some other candidate
24.2% – Don’t know, Refused

Folks this Alabama race has got the Trump candidates smelling blood in the water in TN! Bob Corker will be primared the same way Flake and Heller will!

From the article linked above:

Joe Carr, who has twice challenged Tennessee Republicans in Congress over the last three years but lost both primary races, is now weighing a run against U.S. Sen. Bob Corker in 2018.

Sensing an anti-establishment undercurrent again, the tea party-aligned former Tennessee state representative from Lascassas confirmed he’s thinking about challenging Corker, R-Tenn., for the Republican nomination.

Carr said he gets “calls and messages on a daily basis” encouraging him to do so. He said his candidacy would have an appeal “in the age of Trump,” predicting 2018 would not be kind to incumbents.

“Like Donald Trump, I speak my mind. I know what I believe. I know why I believe it,” Carr told the USA TODAY NETWORK – Tennessee. “I believe I can articulate it, which generates a lot of interest.”

Fellow Treeper and one time Governor of Alaska has endorsed Danny Tarkanian in NV! Plus Mitch the Bitch is going all in on Heller! I thank God for that because Mitch’s endorsement is the kiss 😘 of DEATH 💀!

From the article linked above:

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin endorsed Danny Tarkanian for the U.S. Senate in Nevada, an endorsement Palin and Tarkanian provided to Breitbart News exclusively ahead of its public release.

“Danny Tarkanian is a conservative outsider who will support the ‘America First’ policies our nation needs to survive and thrive, including building the border wall, ending sanctuary cities, and finally repealing Obamacare,” Palin said in the statement endorsing Tarkanian, provided exclusively to Breitbart News. “Commonsense Conservatives in Nevada and across America need to unite and help win this critical fight. I strongly endorse Danny Tarkanian for the United States Senate and look forward to helping him win this important election.”

Tarkanian’s race against Heller comes as Heller, a far-outside-the-mainstream establishment Republican, has not stood with President Trump on most issues. For instance, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Heller “bragged about his dissent against the Republican-backed health reform bills” and he “stated he would continue to uphold” support for former President Barack Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) executive amnesty for illegal alien youths.

In addition, Heller announced his opposition to the idea that President Trump would pardon Arizona’s former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

“I’m not from Arizona, I see this from a distance and I read it, so on, so forth,” Heller said of Trump’s position on Arpaio, per the Las Vegas Review-Journal. “But I just want to make the point that the president was going to come to Phoenix yesterday and pardon him, and chose not to do so. And I certainly hope that’s the position that he has in the future.”

Polling data on the race suggests that Tarkanian has a chance to topple Heller in Nevada, should he gain momentum moving into the next several months. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, however, is likely to fight as hard as he can to save Heller—but endorsements from major national conservative figures like Palin open the door to a potential upset.

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