Senator Bob Corker Will NOT Run for Reelection in 2018! His Reelection Bid Died Today

We are about to see the Monster Tsunami hit TN very shortly! I posted the following last night:

Folks this Alabama race has got the Trump candidates smelling blood in the water in TN! Bob Corker will be primared the same way Flake and Heller will!

From the article linked above:

Joe Carr, who has twice challenged Tennessee Republicans in Congress over the last three years but lost both primary races, is now weighing a run against U.S. Sen. Bob Corker in 2018.

Sensing an anti-establishment undercurrent again, the tea party-aligned former Tennessee state representative from Lascassas confirmed he’s thinking about challenging Corker, R-Tenn., for the Republican nomination.

Carr said he gets “calls and messages on a daily basis” encouraging him to do so. He said his candidacy would have an appeal “in the age of Trump,” predicting 2018 would not be kind to incumbents.

“Like Donald Trump, I speak my mind. I know what I believe. I know why I believe it,” Carr told the USA TODAY NETWORK – Tennessee. “I believe I can articulate it, which generates a lot of interest.”

Guess you showed up in TN yesterday to speak? His proud Father decided to retweet his son’s tweet. Nine hours later, he decided to tweet about the Republican Senator from TN.

Bob Corker will NOT run for reelection in TN! His legacy will be forever tied to the Iran Deal. As soon as he announces that he isn’t running, Rep. Marsha Blackburn from TN will throw her name into the hat. She and our President are very close friends and she supports MAGA!

This absolutely didn’t help Corker’s cause from yesterday!

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