DACA is On Life Support and Will Be Put to Death 💀 on September 5th

The MOAB of all MOABs is going to drop on September 5th and it will send shockwaves across the Uniparty, CoC, Big Club, MSM etc. That is the day that AG Paxton of TX and 9 other AGs go back to the Federal Courtroom of the DAPA Executioner, Judge Hanen and begin the end of the five year nightmare known as DACA! The best part is that just like NAFTA, there is absolutely nothing they can do to stop it!


From the article linked above:

Supporters of the DACA amnesty are hoping that President Donald Trump will tell his Department of Justice to save the amnesty from a federal court if a promised lawsuit from 10 state Attorneys General is filed September 5.

DACA, which President Barack Obama began five years ago this month, is confronting its gravest danger yet. And one of the biggest questions — will Trump defend the program in court — is still anybody’s guess …

Trump is unlikely to save the DACA program, partly because he promised on the campaign trail to end the amnesty on “Day One.”

Also, Trump’s Attorney General Jeff Sessions is a long-standing opponent of the DACA act, which provided work-permits to younger illegals under that the tenuous legal claim that federal enforcement forces were too busy to repatriate the illegals.

Letting DACA die in court would also help Trump because its removal will greatly help his ability to make hostile Democrats — and uncooperative Republican leaders — accept a pro-American immigration reform, and also to fund upgraded immigration enforcement, including a better border wall.

On August 2, Trump announced his support for the “RAISE Act” immigration reform bill that will shift U.S. economic strategy away from growth by cheap-labor immigration, towards growth by high-tech productivity.

The nation’s immigration system “should help American workers to achieve a pay raise and have a higher standard of living,” Trump said. The new RAISE act “would raise economic growth and help America get more competitive,” said Cotton. “Our current system simply doesn’t do that … It puts great downward pressure on people who work with their hands and on their feet … It is a symbol that we are not committed to working-class Americans.”

“If they include it in the lawsuit in Texas, we all know how this goes,” attorney David Leopold said in a Facebook video late Thursday, June 30. Texas “Judge [Andrew] Hanen has already ruled that [the 2o14 ‘DAPA’ amnesty] violated the law, and he’s going to do the same thing to DACA.”

The EXECUTIONER has been chomping at the bit to destroy DACA! He gets his wish on September 5th! Antifa will try to burn the courthouse down! Problem for them, it is in the heart ❤️ of TEXAS!

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