Diplomacy At the Highest level of Government is Scary and Wonderful at the Same Time

Our President admitted last night that his initial instinct was to get the hell out of Afghanistan. He also stated that when sitting in the chair of the presidency, you think and you react differently. I am so grateful to have a President that realizes it and is willing to see both sides to every situation. Everything he does is for us. He loves our country and its citizens with every ounce of blood in his body!

His critics have seen what has happened in Iraq by completely withdrawing immediately. Look at the hell on earth that has been unleashed because of it. We are still fighting ISIS in Asia, North Africa and the ME. Pulling out of Afghanistan would cause something similar to occur. The rise of Al-Quada, ISIS, Taliban etc. We will use a similar strategy to what we have done in Iraq. Mosul is completely liberated and the Iraqi forces are moving on to the rest of the places in their country that ISIS remains to eradicate them from the face of the earth. What changed was our approach of annihilation versus containment and us going completely in on training their forces.

I also think that once the GCC countries deal with the situation pertaining to Qatar, you will see more of their troops fighting this war in Afghanistan. I am so grateful that Pakistan will be dealt with much differently than under previous administrations. Getting them to play ball is crucial. The other thing that should make these morons sleep well is the fact that our President meant every single word about Pakistan. They have been put on notice! They can look at China as an example of what happens when you are put on notice!

Also, I listened to the entire briefing with TREX (see video below) and thoroughly enjoyed the last few statements pertaining to NK before he took questions. He made it a point to say that NK has been behaving better since the UN vote from a few weeks ago. He talked about the fact that he and the President are pleased by this. He said that if it continues, there could be dialogue in the very near future.

He never mentioned the Panda by name but I knew he was sending a clear message to him to keep it up because we are seeing positive signs. Yet, our Lion decides to have Secretary Mnuchin turn the screws on 6 individuals and 10 entities from Russia and China (see link below). This makes the Panda very mad but it also shows him that if he does what is needed with NK, the Panda can be happy down the road.


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