At This Point Our President Should Let the Fine People of Alabama Pick Their Next Republican Senator

I think at this point our President should just let the fine people of Alabama pick their next Republican Senator. Roy Moore is destroying Luther Strange in the latest poll that came out. I predicted he would win by an 18 point margin when the runoff takes place on Tuesday, September 26th. The reason being is that Mo Brooks’ voters will cross over to Moore. Brooks had 19% of the vote last week. Moore had 40%. I predict that the final tally will have Moore at 59% and Strange at 41%.

I have nothing against Luther Strange. Neither does our President since Strange has voted on our President’s agenda 95% of the time. What KILLS Luther Strange is the fact McConnell and Karl Rove have gone all in on him spending nearly $10 million dollars 💵. Roy Moore and Mo Brooks were both running on the same platform of being anti establishment and anti Mitch McConnell as the leader of the GOP in the Senate. People are rightfully pissed since they have been lied to for the past seven years. This has absolutely nothing to do with our President.

From the article linked above:

The poll from JMC Analytics provided to Breitbart News ahead of its public release shows Moore with 51 percent, a majority, supporting him, while Strange trails nearly 20 points behind with just 32 percent—and 17 percent are undecided. Moore’s commanding lead comes after he outperformed polls to finish around 39 percent in a multi-way primary this past Tuesday. Strange finished the first round of voting with just under 33 percent, and this poll seems to indicate that Moore is the only candidate gaining more votes while Strange is stuck with a ceiling of what he got on primary day before the runoff.

In the primary’s first round, a group run by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s allies called Senate Leadership Fund spent nearly $10 million to back Strange with vicious attack ads against Moore and against fellow conservative Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL). The attack ads, filled with mostly false information, largely backfired since they—and a questionable endorsement from President Donald Trump—were not enough to get Strange across the finish line into first place. Normally, with that kind of money and an endorsement from the president himself, someone would finish in first place in a multi-way race.

This survey neither Trump’s endorsement nor McConnell’s backing is helping Strange much at all. When asked if Trump’s endorsement of Strange made respondents more or less likely to vote for him, 23 percent said less likely while 25 percent said more likely and 51 percent said no difference at all.

When asked if McConnell’s help with millions backing Strange made respondents more or less likely to vote for Strange, 45 percent said less likely while only 10 percent said more likely. Forty-six percent said no difference.

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