The Press Walked Into Their Own Funeral Today Without Even Knowing It

Folks what occurred this weekend in VA was meant to be the summer’s version of “Pussy Cat 🐱 Gate” from October of last year. Muh Russia has regrettably died for them. NK was touch and go but was looking really bad after our President called President Xi on Friday to tell him he was going to move forward on Monday with a 301 on China πŸ‡¨πŸ‡³. The likelihood of a war happening on the 15th of August because NK would send four missiles towards Guam πŸ‡¬πŸ‡Ί was beginning to die a slow death πŸ’€. There was no way in hell that the Left, Uniparty, Big Club, CoC, Globalist and MSM were going to allow our President to look victorious this week. Not with NAFTA starting on Wednesday. Sundance from is right that there are trillions at stake.

They never in their right minds expected the DOJ to begin an investigation on the incident that occurred in VA. They never dreamed in a million years that the mother of the young girl that died would be thanking our President for his kind words. They never thought our President would call out the White Supremacist and the driver of the car. Today was their funeral that they walked into. Our President was able to discuss his incredible economic accomplishments to date. Talk about how he is singlehandedly destroying the red tape to fix our roads, airports, railways, tunnels etc. This sends a clear message that not a single penny of that trillion dollars will go to anything other than our Infrastructure.

He decided that he would skip breakfast 🍳 because he was going to eat the press for lunch and dinner. He came prepared for the battle. He had his speech from Saturday in his jacket pocket. He knew which little mushrooms to call on to get his wrath unleashed. He destroyed Barry and Soros’ minions by referring to them as the Alt Left. Anytime these creatures decide to burn down a city or destroy another statue, he will be able to tweet that the Alt Left is at it again and the MSM are taking a pass because it doesn’t fit their narrative.

Our President defended the South and everything they hold dear to them. He decided to put George Washington on trial since he owned slaves. He knew that would trigger the useful idiot from CNN. He decided to tow with the idiot before devouring him by asking whether Thomas Jefferson would be appropriate to have removed since he owned slaves as well.

The Democrat Party and the Uniparty were dying watching the press fall all over themselves in rage. They knew damn well that the entire South is gone and the entire Rust Belt as well. There is nothing they can do to get them back!


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