The Economic Train πŸš‚ Has Left the Station and 3% GDP for 2017 is In Play Bigly!

Folks the Left, Uniparty, Globalist, CoC, Big Club, MSM are dying slowly but surely! The Economic Train πŸš‚ has left the station and will not ever return back! 3% GDP is NOW the new norm. People laughed at the Atlanta Federal Reserve. Now they are considered the gold standard for future GDP predictions. None of this would ever have been possible if not for the Energy Revolution our President created singlehandedly.

From the article linked above:

Latest forecast: 3.7 percent β€” August 15, 2017

The GDPNow model forecast for real GDP growth (seasonally adjusted annual rate) in the third quarter of 2017 is 3.7 percenton August 15, up from 3.5 percent on August 9. The forecast of the contribution of personal consumption expenditures to third-quarter real GDP growth increased from 1.91 percentage points to 1.97 percentage points after this morning’s retail sales release from the U.S. Census Bureau.

I absolutely agree with Larry Schweikart that our GDP will reach 5% to 6%+ if Tax Reform and Infrastructure are done βœ….Β If Healthcare ever gets taken care of reaching Reagan’s largest GDP number of 7.2% would absolutely be attainable.

The Republicans are screwed! They cannot allow the year to end and our President getting all the accolades for reaching 3% GDP in 2017 even with Barry’s 1st quarter 1.2% holding it back! Getting 3.7% in the third quarter coupled with 3.7% in the 4th and the 2nd quarter readjusted upwards, it can really happen.

That is why Tax Reform and Infrastructure is a guarantee to happen because they need to be in the celebration and not on the outside looking in! Healthcare will continue to rot away with Lucifer in the AZ desert 🌡!

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