Our President Kills Them Again Today! They Never Expected What He Is Doing With the FBI and DOJ in VA

Folks, the MSM, Uniparty and Globalist are crying this evening! They never for a minute expected our President, FBI under the new Director and DOJ to take on the case and whether the driver did what he did out of hate. They didn’t expect that and are mortified by that decision because the “Truth” will come out. They will drop this by COB today believe me!

Folks the fear is getting to a boiling point! Our President is on the cusp of taking care of an issue that has been around for 64 years. We are closer today to seeing this conclude than an actual war including nuclear weapons. That fear is driving all of this because once our President resolves NK, his complete attention will turn to IRAN 🇮🇷! Russia 🇷🇺 has been neutralized because of our Energy dominance and ability. They will work with our President to destroy Barry’s one last foreign legacy. The secrets that will come pouring out will drive Barry and his minions insane. Our President will have the backing of 75% of our country because of what he accomplished in NK. Don’t get distracted in this statement made by our President or Bannon, McMaster garbage. Israel 🇮🇱 and their great PM realize damn well what the plan is and are backing our President 100%.

Please read the newest thread Sundance from CTH but up (see below)! Our great leaders are doing an incredible job of bringing a solution to NK that no one could have ever imagined.

“TERMS” – Secretary Tillerson and Secretary Mattis Release Joint Remarks on North Korea…

Plus our President has it covered! See below what our VP is saying and the response from the crazy 😜 Ana Navarro. This tells me Our President did brilliantly today with this statement.

Here is more evidence that they are scared 😳 out of their minds! This one will make you laugh the rest of the day:

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