Mitch McConnell and Uniparty Republicans Are SCREWED

Mitch McConnell truly stepped in 💩! This moron and the rest of the Uniparty decided they would destroy our President by taking on Obamacare first knowing they weren’t going to get it done. The first blow to Mitch and his minions was the House passing a bill. They never thought that would happen. They also thought Muh Russia would have consumed our President by now.

His miscalculations are destroying him and the rest of the do nothing Uniparty. Our President bailed his ass out last night by endorsing Luther Strange. The embarrassment would have drove Mitch to run for the hills.

Now Mitch is truly screwed! The budget process is fast approaching. Once again the House has done its part. The Military Spending Bill has $1.5 billion appropriated for the Wall. DACA will die once AG Paxton of Texas and 9 other AGs head back to Judge Hanen’s court on September 5th. Our President backed the RAISE Act basically nuking Lindsey Graham and his DREAM Act and Lucifer and his Gang of 8 Amnesty Bill.

Tax Reform is as close to a guarantee as possible! The fact three Democrats told Crying Chuck to scratch his ass with his pledge (Manchin of WV, Heitkamp of ND and Donnelly of IN), our margin increased to five that can vote NO and still be approved. It will get done by the end of December. Infrastructure is sure to happen before the November 2018 Elections. That will be two out of three major pieces of legislation under this Congress.

The Uniparty is useless if they aren’t around. Mitch and the rest of the morons know that. Those two pieces of legislation is far more important for their survival than our President.

Obamacare will continue to die in the Nevada desert! Insurance companies are continuing to get the hell out of the Exchange. Our President will be proven correct that they will come back begging him. It will get done under his terms. Could take the November 2018 Elections to come and go but it will get done! The pressure on Mitch to prevent a subsidy bill to pass is causing him sleepless nights!

Winning never felt so good!

Mitch McConnell also realizes that the Republican base is growing at record numbers! This scares him more than anything in the world because he will not be able to hide behind a margin of TWO Republicans come November 2018.

There are 13 Incumbent Democrats/Independent that are vulnerable in 2018! With these margins widening in states and nationally, 2018 is shaping up to be a bloodbath! What will Mitch’s excuse be when there are between 58 to 62 Senate Republicans. In that number Dean Heller from NV will be gone because he was primaried, Jeff Flake from AZ will be gone because he was primaried and Lucifer will join his creatures in HELL because he no longer will be with us.

Lou Barletta must be dancing in PA after seeing these numbers from his state! The same for Governor Scott from FL!

Found this great site for NC! The difference between Democrats and Republicans went from 646,246 in favor of Democrats on 11.8.16 to 585,775 on 8.5.17. We closed the gap by 60,471 😂

As of 8.5.17

Democrats: 2,640,299
Republicans: 2,054,454
Libertarians: 33,222
Unaffiliated: 2,046,443


Democrats: 2,733,188
Republicans: 2,086,942
Libertarians: 32,333
Unaffiliated: 2,065,687

Here is PA:

The difference between registered Democrats and Republicans went from 916,274 in favor of Democrats on 11.8.16 to 807,707 on 8.7.17. We closed the gap by 108,567 😁!


D: 4,028,188
R: 3,220,481
I: 1,164,572


D: 4,217,456
R: 3,301,182
I: 1,204,339



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