Our Energy Revolution is “Fueling” our Economic Train and Diplomatic Leverage

I absolutely loved SD’s piece (see below) about how our President has setup both Russia and China to not veto the UN sanction against NK. I have highlighted numerous times that our President has allowed the Economic Train to leave the station never to return again! Yesterday’s job number for July (209,000), the fact we have cut the trade deficit in June by over 6% in comparison to the year prior, 2nd quarter GDP of 2.6% and the Stock Market hitting an all time high for the 8th consecutive day shows that the train is picking up serious traction.

Stunning Leverage Created by President Trump Over Little Dragon – Draft U.N. Security Council Resolution Targets N-Korea Economy…

All of this would not have been possible without the unleashing of our Energy Superpower. From coal to LNG and every other source in between, corporations realize it is more cost effective to build in America versus the rest of the world.

This Energy explosion has also allowed us to take the upper hand with Russia and for different reasons eventually with China. Our President has been traveling to different countries or meeting with them in the US and is selling American coal and LNG. In doing so, it is feeding our economy but also buying us Massive Leverage with the two world powers that we need to resolve our two biggest issues; North Korea and eventually Iran.

South Korea is paying for our protection by signing an agreement for $15 Billion in LNG. Ukraine got screwed with HRC losing and has to pay for their bet on her by purchasing coal to be able to use throughout the year. Poland and the Three Sea countries (11 total) decided that to distance their dependency on Russia, it would be smart to sign contracts with our companies to supply LNG. They are also building up their infrastructure to be able to pipe the LNG through each of the different countries. Our President assures them that the US will never use the fuel as a weapon against them.

All of the things I just described is killing the Russians and their stronghold on these countries and their economy back in Russia. China will agree to massive amounts of LNG and coal to lower the import/export advantage they currently have. We will continue to take their trinkets but in return they will buy hundreds of billions of dollars in LNG and coal. The need is there for them with 1 billion plus Chinese living in China.

Folks our President is beyond brilliant! Energy has served and will continue to serve two major purposes. It will be used to “Fuel” our Economic Train and it will continue to “Fuel” our leverage with Russia and China!

That isn’t just winning. This is MAGASUPERWINNING!


2 thoughts on “Our Energy Revolution is “Fueling” our Economic Train and Diplomatic Leverage

  1. Fle, I think you’ll understand when I say that our Lion’s use of our (USA’s) strengths is “Biblically” sound. President Donald J Trump (I just love writing that).is NOT directing that strength be used AGAINST those who are weaker (just the opposite). At the direction of our amazing President, the USA is using strength to BLESS and PROTECT those who are vulnerable (and there’s nothing wrong with making a buck while doing that if those being protected can easily pay).

    FURTHERMORE, the “profits” gained while protecting the vulnerable with our strength will be used to FURTHER bless those who will use their blessing and strength to bless others (that would be US who will be blessing others ;-)). Just THINK about all the ways that secure and prosperous, middle-class Americans will bless others with their disposable income! We will show the whole WORLD how to best use blessing and strength! LOL! We’ll be teaching CLASSES on the Web about how to make many blessings through wise giving!

    FURTHERMORE, our beloved LION of a President is actually RESTORING the credibility of our military and REDEEMING the perception of the USA (and of our strength) by refusing to allow our beautiful, professional young people to be sent off to do the dirty-work of dictators, oil-sheikhs and nefarious, hidden manipulators – who have in the past SO miss-used our strength in so many VILE, WRETCHED, EVIL ways. No, it is NOT George H W Bush but it IS President Donald J Trump who is ENDING the legacy of Vietnam, at last. I STILL can’t believe that I have lived to see it.

    And what is “Biblical” about using strength to protect and bless those who are vulnerable – relative to us? My take is that using our strength on behalf of caring for those who are being victimized and bullied is (at least) the fulfillment of the Fifth Commandment. Why? Remember how vulnerable you and I were when we were born and while we were growing into our own strength. Who protected us? Who kept us from being victimized and/or bullied? In my case it was my beloved Father and Mother and I can HONOR them (in part) by sharing my strength and blessing with those who are vulnerable, relative to me.

    BLESSED is the Nation who’s lord is GOD!

    REJOICING is the Nation who’s leader is President Donald J Trump!

    THANK YOU, FLEPORE! You are a MIGHTY blessing to us all!

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