Immigration Will Kill the Democrats and Uniparty Republicans in 2018

What is the one topic that brings together Republicans with a majority of Independents as well as Reagan Democrats?


What our President proposed today with Senators Cotton and Perdue is beyond brilliant! The RAISE Act is kryptonite to the Gang of 8 Amnesty folks. I love to look at the Yahoo comment section whenever immigration is discussed. It is the only topic that flips the comments completely upside down. You will see a 6:1 ratio of pro immigration comments versus anti immigration comments. The Uniparty also can’t help but to expose themselves in these articles.

Democrats and Uniparty Republicans are petrified about immigration! I hope that they do everything in their power to stop the RAISE Act, Kate’s Law and Sanctuary Cities Bill from becoming law. I hope our President forces Mitch to introduce the three bills separately on the Senate floor. Have Senators vote on whether they want the bill(s) to reach the floor for debate.

Every single Democrat and Uniparty Republican will have to show their true color! Our President will use that vote to campaign like crazy in those states on the need of getting Trump Republicans into the Senate in order for these three pieces of legislation passed.

We have 13 Democrats/Independents that are very vulnerable in 2018. 10 Democrats come from states our President won during the Presidential Election. Good luck voting NO to any of these 3 bills and thinking you will win in 2018. Our Lion will have the parents of killed children by illegals with him on every single rally in those states. The RNC will put a majority of their money into those states. We truly could win 8 to 10 of those states on this one topic alone!

You tell me if voters in these 11 states would vote the Democrat/Independent back in knowing they will vote NO to those 3 bills:

WV, OH, MO, MT, ND, IN, PA, FL, WI, MI and ME

The other two states we will go after the Democrats in is NJ (Menendez) and VA (Kaine).

The other great thing is that Jeff Flake was all in for amnesty! He will be primared by either Kelli Ward, Jeff DeWit or Robert Graham.

From the article linked above:

Trump, who promised during his election campaign to reform the immigration system, argued that the bill, called the Reforming American Immigration for Strong Employment (RAISE) Act, would replace “our low-skilled [immigration] system with a points-based system.”

It’s unclear when the Senate may take up the new legislation. The initial immigration reform bill was opposed by some Republicans and business groups and has been stalled in the Senate.

Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., has already criticized the measure, saying it would hurt his state’s economy.

Some immigration reform advocates also disagree with the idea that the RAISE Act would contribute to better wages.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce also expressed doubt that the RAISE Act would improve the employment landscape.

“The goal of moving to a more skills-based immigration system that meets the diverse needs of our economy is a good one and one long championed by the Chamber,” Randy Johnson, senior vice president for labor, immigration, and employee benefits at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce said. “But dramatically reducing overall immigration levels won’t raise the standard of living for Americans. In fact, it will likely accomplish the opposite, making it harder for businesses, communities, and our overall economy to grow, prosper, and create jobs for American workers.”

Here are some of the comments in the comment section (notice the number of likes versus dislikes):


Wow. We have a president who actually puts American citizens ahead of unskilled immigrants that want to flood our country for their free stuff that Democrats are only too happy to hand out for their vote of course
Likes – 286 / Dislikes – 95

James M

Trump is doing Exactly what WE elected him to do. Refreshing change.
Likes – 253 / Dislikes – 81


Any immigrant who needs assistance in their first 10 years in America should be deported before they receive their first check.
Likes – 211 / Dislikes – 42


Way past time for this legislation. A top priority should be to stop any type of welfare for illegals, including their anchor babies and family.
Likes – 176 / Dislikes – 30


Setting aside all negative impressions of Trump, how is this proposal a bad thing?
Likes – 155 / Dislikes – 21


We should end the welfare state period. But this is not a bad start.
Likes – 140 / Dislikes – 23


Likes – 149 / Dislikes – 48


This will be a tough one. Obama really changes the dynamics in his 8 years of destroying this country….
Likes – 99 / Dislikes – 32

Richard Fitzwell

That’s how immigration works in CANADA, AUSTRALIA, and pretty much anywhere.
Results: Canada and Australia have minimum wage laws, but the actual wages are much higher, why, because shortage of cheap labor forces the market to offer higher pay. Who wins? Legal immigrants, and citizens. Even Liberal groups support this. Search it on the web if you don’t believe me.
Likes – 42 / Dislikes – 4


Mr. President, you still have my vote.
Likes – 56 / Dislikes – 12


All good things, this is what we voted for Americans!
Likes – 49 / Dislikes – 8

Capitata Malleus

Our President is doing a fantastic job on so many levels, but especially on illegal immigration; Thank You Mr, President~!!!
Likes – 55 / Dislikes – 7

YAHOO! is libretarded SHIT!!

wants immigrants ‘who speak English’ and won’t ‘collect welfare’ … OK by me!! how about you Iibturds? whadya say? LOL!!
Likes – 55 / Dislikes – 12


“This competitive application process will favor applicants who can speak English, financially support themselves and their families and demonstrate skills that will contribute to our economy,” Canada does this. Unless you’re a refugee, you can’t just migrate to Canada unless you speak their languages, already have a job there and are highly skilled – and not over the age of 40. Other countries have strict contingencies also. We are the only nation that throws the doors wide open. In the old days – before the 1970s, there was no welfare, so migrants came to work and work hard. They may not have known the language when they first came, but they learned it and learned it quickly. There were no free rides. Today there are many free rides for many people, the burden of cost which falls on those fewer and fewer who work. The system cannot sustain itself. The old rule of thumb (unless you are disabled or elderly), If you don’t work, you don’t eat, should still apply.

Likes – 81 / Dislikes – 16





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