It All Comes Down to the Skinny Repeal Bill In the Senate

At this point the last option on the table that will be voted on later today is the Skinny Repeal Bill. The Senate tried to pass the BCRA Bill on Tuesday and failed with a final tally of 43 Yes to 57 No. They tried to pass the Repeal Only Bill that was vetoed by Barry from Hawaii in 2015 and failed by a tally of 45 Yes to 55 No (the following Republicans voted against it {those with an asterisk voted for the same bill in 2015} *Shelly Moore Capitoto of WV, *Dean Heller of NV, *Rob Portman of OH, *Lisa Murkowski of AK, *John McCain of AZ, *Lamar Alexander of TN and Susan Collins of ME).

The Democrats asked the CBO to score the Skinny Repeal Bill this evening. The CBO stated that 16 million Americans would be left uninsured. THAT IS A FALLACY (see article below)! Those 16 million Americans will be grateful they don’t have to buy the crap called Obamacare. The only reason they bought it was because of the individual and employer mandates. They will see it as being liberated.

From the article linked above:

For years, the CBO has been convinced—despite real-world experience to the contrary—that Obamacare’s individual mandate is the biggest reason why that law has increased the number of Americans with health insurance.

When Senator Barack Obama ran against Hillary Clinton for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2008, he mocked Hillary’s insistence on an individual mandate. “If a mandate was the solution,” he said at the time, “you could try that to solve homelessness by mandating that everybody buy a house. But the reason they don’t have a house is they don’t have the money.”

After Obama became president, the CBO told him not having an individual mandate would mean his health reform plan would cover 16 million fewer people. So Obama relented, and included an individual mandate in what we now call Obamacare.

And there’s a more fundamental question: if Obamacare’s insurance is so wonderful, why do millions of Americans need to be forced to buy it? By definition, you haven’t been “kicked off” your insurance if the only reason you’re no longer buying it is that the government has stopped fining you.

But buried within the CBO’s reports is a key fact: the vast majority of those coverage “losses” occur because the GOP bills repeal Obamacare’s individual mandate. In its July 20 estimate of the most recent version of the Senate’s Better Care Reconciliation Act, or BCRA, CBO says that in 2018, 15 million fewer Americans will have health insurance under the bill, two years before its repeal of Obamacare’s insurance subsidies takes effect.

Why? It’s “primarily because the penalty for not having insurance would be eliminated.”

Ok. But here’s the curiosity. The CBO has refused to disclose the specific, year-by-year impact of that thing that it says is the primary reason that people will go uninsured in 2018 and beyond.

This is a critical omission.

The Medicaid Expansion states (31 total) would not be harmed by this. Medicaid funding would remain in place and their won’t be a drop dead date for those Medicaid Expansion states. There are only 1.5 million Americans that could be harmed because they want to purchase Obamacare either because of pre-existing conditions or they are elderly and don’t yet qualify for Medicare because they have yet to reach 65. The CBO has said that premiums for them will increase by another 20% on top of whatever increase was already planned for by the insurance companies in their state.

From the article linked above:

A version of the Obamacare repeal plan the Senate could pass this week may leave 16 million more Americans uninsured over a decade, according to a Congressional Budget Office estimate requested by Senate Democrats.

Here are those provisions, according to a Democratic spokesperson:

A repeal of Obamacare’s individual mandate, which requires Americans to have coverage or pay a penalty.

Scrapping the employer mandate requiring employers of a certain size to provide coverage.

Getting rid of the medical device tax.

The CBO also projected premiums would be 20 percent higher than under current law, the spokesperson said. That piece of the estimate was not included in the report the CBO released publicly on Wednesday night.

Final Analysis by me:

Those 6 Republicans are the biggest and I mean biggest POS made to man because they LIED to their constituents! When they knew the previous moron would veto it, they voted yes because it was only symbolic. At least one of those POS has limited time left on this earth because he is going to die of brain cancer. The other five should never be allowed to continue in the Senate. They need to be primaried when they come up for reelection in 18′, 20′ or 22′.

Tomorrow night we will know the faith of the Skinny Repeal Bill. God willing the Medicaid Whores come along and vote yes. If we get 50 Yes votes, it will be the only accomplishment for now. As much as they say they will work with the House afterwards, we will never have 50 Republican Senators vote yes! Meaning at some point the House will vote on the Skinny Repeal Only and have our President sign it into law.

We now have 45 Yes votes for Repeal Only! We have a really good chance to pick up 5 more Republican Senators in 2018. I actually think we can win 8 to 10 Senate seats. If we get those 5 and they are smart to run on getting rid of the shit called Obamacare, we will have the 50 votes. The other good news is that MCCAIN will be dead! His replacement will most likely be Kelli Ward. That actually means 4 Republican Senators would do because MCCAIN would be replaced before November 2018.


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