Our President Did Everything He Could to Get the Senate Republicans to Repeal and Replace Obamacare

Folks our President truly did an amazing job today with his comments at the WH and in WV telling our Senate Republicans to do the right thing for the American people by tossing Barry’s only major domestic accomplishment back to Kenya with him.

Some very encouraging news came out this evening that Senator John McCain will be on the Senate floor tomorrow to cast his vote to have the House Republican Bill proceed to the Senate floor for 20 hours of debate. I personally believe there is no way in hell John McCain would fly cross country if the bill wasn’t going to receive 50+ votes tomorrow. This TRULY puts pressure on the Medicaid Whores from AK, NV, OH, ND and WV as well as Mike Lee of UT, John Moran of KS and Bill Cassidy of LA to vote yes tomorrow. I also believe Rand Paul will vote yes tomorrow getting us to 51 YES votes.


From the article linked above:

John McCain is reportedly returning to the Senate to vote on Obamacare repeal less than a week after it was announced that he is battling an aggressive type of brain cancer.

Less than a week after announcing he has brain cancer, Sen. John McCain will return to the Senate as Republicans prepare to vote on Obamacare repeal and replacement.

McCain’s absence put the future of the GOP effort to pass a new health care bill in jeopardy because the party cannot afford to lose votes. It needs 50 — Vice President Mike Pence would break a tie — to repeal the Affordable Care Act and replace it with new health care legislation under Senate rules.

Here is my handicap of what will occur once the House Republican Bill proceeds to the floor of the Senate. Susan Collins, Democrat from Maine, will remain a NO vote no matter what gets offered because her plan is to work with Democrats. She said so this evening.


From the article linked above:

President Donald Trump exhorted every Republican to vote yes on a healthcare overhaul when it comes before the Senate this week, but one of his party’s most vocal opponents of the bill, Senator Susan Collins, said he had made no effort to reach her.

Collins said lawmakers would first need to address the collapse of insurance markets in many counties across the country. She said Congress should fund cost-sharing subsidies that help keep down consumers’ out-of-pocket costs.

Collins, who said she had held individual discussions with at least eight Senate Democrats about some kind of bipartisan healthcare effort, said she believed Trump would sign a bipartisan healthcare bill. “At times he called for a bipartisan bill, and so I think he’d be fine with a bipartisan bill.”

Rand Paul will ultimately vote NO on the BCRA Bill that McConnell will ultimately have them vote on once the 20 hours are up. That leaves no room for error. Mike Lee and John Moran will ultimately vote yes once the Cruz Amendment is proposed and placed as an amendment into the BCRA Bill. Bill Cassidy from LA has been threatened to live for a week in the LA Bayou. He will vote YES to the final bill.

It ultimately will come down to the FIVE Medicaid Whores! The good thing is they are a block. They will either vote yes or no as a block. I ultimately think that a Repeal Only bill will be pushed by Rand Paul and other Republicans. The Whores will say absolutely NO. The compromise will be that they will vote YES to the BCRA Bill that will have an additional $45 Billion allocated to the Opioid Crisis (especially in states like OH and WV) and the $200 Billion for the Medicaid Expansion states (31 total) that will be used after 2022 to help assist those Americans receiving Medicaid because they qualified under Obamacare.

They will say to their constituents that they stopped the cruel Repeal Only and got billions of dollars in additional funding for their states. They get to save face and more importantly the BCRA is approved with Mike Pence casting the deciding vote by COB Friday. The House will come back early next week to vote on the Senate Bill and our President will sign the bill into law shortly there after!

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