Where We Stand Today, July 24, 2017, On Repeal and Replace of Obamacare

I love the fact that Republican Senators are going around like chickens without a head saying they don’t know exactly what they will be voting on tomorrow. This is absolutely working in our favor because the press is having a great ole time laughing at the Republicans and our President. Our President and his team want it like this. It removes the pressure from the Left, CoC, MSM, Big Club etc. on those 5 Medicaid Whores, four of which come from AK (Murkowski), NV (Heller), ND (Hoeven) and OH (Portman) (Democrat Susan Collins is part of the FIVE but she is a NO for the procedural vote as well as everything else that will be voted on it they get past the procedural hurdle).

Our President will be doing another appearance at 3:15pm today on Healthcare before departing with Capito to WV this evening. I absolutely LOVE the fact that the procedural vote will be happening tomorrow afternoon before our President heads to Youngstown, OH for his rally. The pressure on the Whores, Rand Paul (KY), Mike Lee (UT), John Moran (KS) and Cassidy (LA) will be enormous to vote yes for the procedural vote.

What is devastating for those Republicans not wanting a procedural vote to pass is that Rand Paul has gone on record stating that he would vote YES is he were able to get the Repeal Only bill brought to the floor, the revised BCRA brought to the floor as well as the Collins-Cassidy bill (he admitted that the Collins-Cassidy bill would not be a deal breaker).


From the article linked above:

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) is opening the door to helping GOP leadership get a healthcare bill over a key procedural hurdle.

The Kentucky Republican said on Thursday that he would support the motion to proceed to the House-passed healthcare bill, which is being used as a vehicle for any action, if he could get a deal on amendments.

“If they want my vote, they have to at least agree that we’re going to at least have a vote on clean repeal,” Paul told reporters.

He will get his wish according to Mitch the Bitch and his minions. John McCain will not be needed yet because we will have a GREAT opportunity to get 50 YES votes because Rand Paul would join the club.

I personally think it would be impossible for any Republican other than the Democrat from Maine to vote NO to the procedural process given everything I have shared above. If this gets to the floor, ALL bets are off!

McConnell has agreed to an additional $200 billion dollars for the Medicaid Whores and the other states (31 total) that expanded Medicaid. That money will be used to help those that are part of Medicaid to transition off because the clause would disappear in 2026. He has also put $45 billion dollars for the Opioid crisis that plagues WV and OH especially. HHS has created a report showing what the Cruz Amendment will do for premiums of those that will need to continue using Obamacare (5% of society) and those that can take a lesser package (95% of society). For the 95% (The Forgotten Men and Women), you are talking about a decrease in premiums of up to $5K to $7K a year.

You can find the HHS report below:


Here is the KILLER for Barry and his minions:

1) Current Law Enrollment Weighted Average – 2024 Low End Monthly Payment $770 / High End Monthly Payment $845

2) 2024 Silver ACA Compliant – 2024 Low End Monthly Payment $660 / High End Monthly Payment $590

3) 2024 Non-ACA Compliant – 2024 Low End Monthly Payment $200 / High End Monthly Payment $190

FOLKS THESE NUMBERS ARE STAGGERING! $570 less a month on the Low End when comparing 1 and 3 above and $655 less a month on the High End when comparing 1 and 3.

We will know by tomorrow evening the faith of Obamacare! If it gets to the floor, we WILL pass a repeal and replace bill (BCRA referenced above). Rep. Louie Gohmert from TX is absolutely right when he said last Monday on Making Money that people talk a lot of smack but when it is time to vote, they have a “COME TO JESUS MOMENT”.

Guess who is showing up on the floor on Tuesday? Yeap, our Lord Jesus Christ to take the names of those that would dare lie to their citizens and not do what is morally and ethically right!

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