Our Lord, Jesus Christ, Will Be Present On the Floor While Senators Discuss the Repeal and Replace BCRA

No disrespect to those Treepers on http://www.theconservativetreehouse.com discussing the whole Mueller, Sessions, Rosenstein fiasco this week, I have not read any posts on it. Here is my reason. Our President was blindsided by Mike Lee of Utah and John Moran of Kansas on Monday night. He was having dinner with 7 or so Republican Senators discussing the Healthcare bill and why he was backing it. At some point someone said that the 2 morons joined Democrat Collins and Rand Paul to say they couldn’t vote for the revised BCRA bill.

Normally, this would kill it! However our President called Mitch the Bitch and told him I want a vote on a straight Repeal Only bill. Mitch knew his balls would be castrated if he didn’t oblige our President. The Uniparty decided we will kill this idea by having the 3 Female Medicaid Whores say that they won’t vote on a Repeal only bill. Murkowski, Capito and Collins became known as the Resistance of the Republican Party according to the left. The normal ping pong should have killed it right there.

Their worse nightmare was the invitation on Tuesday night for all the mutts to come to the WH for lunch. Our President basically castrates Dean Heller from NV for the world to see. He also states his disappointment with Lee and Moran and the Female Medicaid Whores that are backing away from a promise because this PRESIDENT would sign a Repeal only bill.

Mitch comes out of the lunch stating that a procedural vote will occur next week on the repeal only or repeal and replace and anyone can present amendments. Rand Paul shortly afterwards announces he will vote yes for a procedural vote as long as he can have a vote on a Repeal only bill. Mitch and his crew say absolutely if he presents it.

20 Republican Senators meet on Wednesday night for three hours with Dr. Tom Price, Seema Verna to discuss the Cruz Amendment and the fact they removed it from the CBO score that would come out the next day. They share their internal report showing premiums will drop for the Forgotten Men and Women by $5 to $7K starting immediately when the bill is passed. While this is occurring, our President decides to bring the Slime in to talk about Sessions, Muh Russia, Mueller, Rosenstein etc. The purpose in my mind was to have them chase that allowing Ted Cruz, Mike Pence, Tom Price, Seema Verma, Ken Cuccinelli, the Deplorables to drop the Truth Bombs on the Medicaid Whores, Lee, Moran and Cassidy.

It is all working because I am not seeing any new stories about the Healthcare situation. As a matter of fact they are gloating that they beat Trump. Meanwhile the Whores and the Morons are realizing they are FU…KED! Rep. Louie Gohmert said it best on Making Money on Monday that people like to talk a lot of junk but when they have to tell the world what their vote is, they have a COME TO JESUS MOMENT!

Guess who is showing up on the floor on Tuesday? Yeap, our Lord Jesus Christ to take names of those that would dare lie to their citizens!


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