Trumpism Will Reign for 50+ Years Because of Generation Z

Anytime I see or read something that talks about Generation Z, I realize everything is absolutely right in the world! There is Nothing and I mean Nothing that Mueller, Barry, HRC, Democrats, Republicans, Big Club members etc. that can separate the CUBS from their LION! This is why Trumpism will reign for 50+ years. Even the NYSLIME are realizing their faith!

From the article linked above:

My 3-year-old daughter is obsessed with Donald Trump.

This is a problem if 1) you live in New York City, 2) you are liberal, 3) your friends are liberal, 4) your daughter attends a liberal school and 5) your relatives are affected by the Trump administration’s travel ban.

Yassi, my daughter, attends the kind of school that made counseling available in the wake of the 2016 presidential elections. Parents stood together comforting one another on Nov. 9 in an act of collective mourning that I hadn’t seen since Sept. 11. This is probably exactly the type of school that the Trump voters were hating on with their epic middle finger raised to the elites of this country.

We had to leave a play date early because the kids — upon Yassi’s encouragement — kept calling one another “Donald Trump” until one little girl dissolved into tears. “Your daughter keeps talking about Donald Trump,” Yassi’s teacher reported, eyeing me suspiciously as if my morning news routine started (and ended) with Breitbart.

For Persian New Year, in March, Yassi’s grandparents gave her cherubic twin baby dolls, one dressed in blue overalls, the other in a light pink dress. Naturally, Yassi named them Donald Trump and Mustache. “You can’t name a baby doll ‘Donald Trump,’ ” I admonished her, trying not to laugh. Not that Mustache was much more becoming.

One day, when Yassi’s father came home from work, she motioned to his ear. “Can I ask you something?” He obediently leaned down.

“Donald Trump,” she whispered triumphantly.

“O.K., Yassi, let’s try something else. Can you say Vladimir Putin?” He winked. “After all, that’s who’s really in charge here.”

“Vladimir Poopy?” she asked, and then began giggling hysterically.

2 thoughts on “Trumpism Will Reign for 50+ Years Because of Generation Z

  1. Fle, I love reading your posts. Even if your posts weren’t so VERY insightful and informative, I still would benefit from you being so often so positive in the way you write. And you’re right about the deep state not being able to take Trump’s base from our President – at least for my part: AIN’T. GONNA. HAPPEN. AND, you especially encourage me when you write about the youngest people supporting our Lion. This is not just for us – this is ESPECIALLY “just for” them. I think I’ve been heart-broken since the murder of JFK. I want these young’uns to grow up with MUCH better prospects.

    Yes, I realize I love our Nation very nearly to the point of idolatry but this tectonic shift is the last go-round for me. My part in this change is infinitesimal – but I was part of it and I’ll continue to do everything possible to see it through. LOL! I really didn’t even fully realize what was happening – and I STILL don’t believe it. ROTFL! And I know I’ll not live to see again the like of Donald Trump – nor the turning of such a page in history. This game really is for all the marbles.

    Yet you give me hope that one of the cubs now gaining strength – could possibly be even more brilliant than our President – and will have a heart filled with that same fire for common sense international relationships, freedom and American exceptionalism. And who knows? As the old people used to say: “the daughter of a Lion is also a Lion”. THAT, I would LOVE to live to see.

    We have much to celebrate now – and a GREAT future for which to pray. Thank you, Flepore, for being here for all of us.

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    1. thluckyone you are absolutely right that we are playing for all the marbles! It truly is now or never! I believe WE will prevail and our beloved country will be back on track for decades and decades to come!

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