We May Pick Up Another Seat for Republicans Shortly

God works in mysterious ways! We have a really good chance of picking up a Republican Senator in the state of NJ! That Senator would be in place for approximately a year. This would increase our count to 53 Republicans which would change the dynamics greatly in our favor. You would need 4 Republican Senators to kill a reconciliation bill.


From the article linked above:

Gov. Chris Christie is the most unpopular governor in the country, but in his last days in office he may get to exercise enormous influence nationally: Choosing a successor to embattled U.S. Sen. Robert Menendez, which could result in a Republican senator, at least temporarily, from deep-blue New Jersey.

Menendez, a Democrat and New Jersey’s senior senator, goes on trial for corruption in September, and there are two scenarios that could see him leave Washington before Christie is term-limited out of office in January: If Menendez is convicted and the Senate acts quickly to expel him, or if he cuts a plea deal and leaves office even earlier.

New Jersey’s confusing, contradictory U.S. Senate succession laws effectively give Christie carte blanche in appointing a successor.

And then there’s the most scintillating possibility: The governor would be within his rights to appoint himself to the seat. To do so, Christie would again have to contradict himself.

Here is info pertaining to the case


From the article linked above:

Menendez attorney Abbe Lowell asked Walls to begin jury selection in September rather than the current date of August 23 to avoid summer vacation interruptions, and because the current Sept. 6 trial date would run into several holidays, including the Jewish high holy days. Lowell proposed beginning the trial on Oct. 2.

Menendez, a Democrat, is charged with aiding co-defendant and Florida eye doctor Salomon Melgen with a Dominican port security contract, a Medicare dispute and visas for the married Melgen’s foreign girlfriends in exchange for free private jet flights and hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign donations to a super PAC that aided Menendez, as well as to his campaign account.

The problem for this POS Mendez is that his partner in crime was found guilty on 67 counts of Medicaid Fraud! There is a really good chance he will testify against Mendez in the hope his life sentence is reduced.


From the article linked above:

With Melgen now facing life in prison, he will have reasons to consider cooperating with prosecutors as they present their case against Menendez.

Steven Sandberg, a spokesman for the senior U.S. senator from New Jersey, referred an NJ Advance Media reporters’ inquiry to a statement released earlier in the day by Menendez’s attorney, Abbe David Lowell.

“I have spoken to Sen. Menendez and he is saddened for his long-time friend and is thinking of his family on this difficult day,” wrote Lowell.


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