Things Are Percolating in the Obamacare Repeal and Replace Push

Folks things are starting to seriously percolate! The Cruz Amendment was purposely pulled from the CBO score that came out today on the revised BCRA that was killed by Lee and Moran on Monday. Our side realizes that the CBO is completely compromised because it uses the Gruber methodology to score any repeal or repeal and replacement bill. This is the same bastard that said thankfully the American people are dumb when pushing Obamacare.

More information pertaining to the CBO’s accuracy:

According to Forbes, the CBO predicted massive profits for health-insurance companies. Insurers have incurred massive losses and the losses continue to grow.

Reinsurance costs were double what CBO predicted.

Medicaid expansion is 50% more than CBO predicted.

Medicaid spending is 49% more than CBO predicted ($6,366 /enrollee).

CBO predicted Medicaid expansion to cost $42B. Actual cost is $68B.

The CBO projections for economic recovery were 50% above the actual recovery during the Obama administration.

From the article linked above:

The government estimates that a non-ACA compliant plan in 2020 would cost between $230 and $290 per month. It’s not clear what those plans would cover, but the benefits would be far less generous than what’s offered in Obamacare. A mid-level Obamacare plan, meanwhile, would cost between $370 and $430, and would offer more generous coverage.

Marc Short, the White House Legislative Director, said that the HHS analysis was shown to senators at Wednesday’s meeting.

After the meeting, Senator John Cornyn, a Texas Republican, said that the analysis of the Cruz amendment showed his fellow senator’s plan would reduce premiums. Senator Mike Lee, a Utah Republican who had been among the holdouts preventing the latest repeal-and-replace bill from coming to a vote, said “I would say the differences are narrowing.”

Bloomberg is doing everything in their power in the article to paint a picture that is a complete FALLACY. They decided to run with the 2020 analysis rather than the 2024 analysis. The savings in 2020 aren’t earth shattering. The 2024 analysis blows them and everyone else fighting to protect the scheme known as Obamacare completely away.

You can find the HHS report below:

Here is the KILLER for Barry and his minions:

1) Current Law Enrollment Weighted Average – 2024 Low End Monthly Payment $770 / High End Monthly Payment $845

2) 2024 Silver ACA Compliant – 2024 Low End Monthly Payment $660 / High End Monthly Payment $590

3) 2024 Non-ACA Compliant – 2024 Low End Monthly Payment $200 / High End Monthly Payment $190

FOLKS THESE NUMBERS ARE STAGGERING! $570 less a month on the Low End when comparing 1 and 3 above and $655 less a month on the High End when comparing 1 and 3.

They can’t argue this no matter how hard they try!!!!!!!!

Also Rand Paul is open to voting for the procedural vote to allow the bills to hit the floor. That would be devastating to the “Medicaid Whores”.

From the article linked above:

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) is opening the door to helping GOP leadership get a healthcare bill over a key procedural hurdle.

The Kentucky Republican said on Thursday that he would support the motion to proceed to the House-passed healthcare bill, which is being used as a vehicle for any action, if he could get a deal on amendments.


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