Republicans Are Getting the Hammer Dropped on Them by Our President

Folks our President has decided that the Republican Senators need to be exposed to what “Hell on Earth” will look like if the walk away and take their vacation in the middle of August with a repeal and replacement bill implemented. I believe what he did last night with the NYTs was to put incredible pressure on these RATS. He was able to send a stern message to Rosenstein and Mueller (added bonus). He used our AG to make it even more powerful. He is going to Youngstown, OH on Tuesday night for a rally that will be greater than all rallies. Youngstown is adjacent to Western, PA (TRUMP country). It would not shock me if he visits the new coal mine earlier in the day.

The reception he will get Tuesday will be amazing. No criticism to Iowa but these folks are ALL IN and will show it through their excitement that night. Murkowski, Capito, Hoeven, Heller will be put on notice that the next 4 rallies will occur in Alaska, West Virginia, North Dakota and Nevada. I would not be shocked that they all occur when these “Medicaid Whores” are vacationing back home. Sean Hannity was incredible on his radio show yesterday. He played over and over soundbites of the “Medicaid Whores” stating publicly why they were voting to repeal Obamacare back in 2015. He even found an incredible soundbite from our “DEMOCRAT” Susan Collins from 2013 saying that Obamacare was going to kill the middle class.

I hope our President decides to show each clip in each state on the jumbo tron before starting his rally. These WHORES are saying to themselves that if he was willing to throw Jeff Sessions of all people under the bus, he would LOVE to kill my political career and have me banned from my own state. Folks that is real pressure! I beg our Treepers from these states listed above (I will also include Portman from OH, Lee from UT, Moran from Kansas, Paul from KY and Cassidy from LA) to bombard these bastards with phone calls, emails appearances to their office etc. (if you live near by). As an individual it will have no impact but the sheer numbers will KILL them!

Sean Hannity’s opening monologue is worth listening to because he shows why the Cruz Amendment would allow more people to purchase insurance than Obamacare ever did. He also speaks with 2 doctors from Kansas that have completely eliminated the need for insurance when grouping thousands upon thousands of Americans together for a very small cost.

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