It is Time for Mexico and Canada to Pay us Back for the Destruction Caused by NAFTA

Our “Killer” are chomping at the bit to tear into Mexico and Canada! Congratulations to the Mexican and Canadian governments. Mexico alone has benefited to the tune of $1 to $2 trillion dollars in trade profits from the US since this nightmare on the Forgotten Men and Women was enacted. Think of all the American jobs lost, families broken because finances is the #1 reason for divorce. Alcohol and drug abuse because folks needed to escape reality. And regrettably death from suicide and poor health.

I am sorry but payback is truly a BITCH and these countries will have to pay for decades to come!

This article below discusses the upcoming negotiations:

Mark Your Calendars: First Round of NAFTA Renegotiation August 16th – 20th…

One of our fellow treepers at the Conservative Treehouse posted the following:

India Maria says:

“…this is one of the biggest economic processes that falls almost exclusively outside of the reach of lobbyists.”d

For the Average “Forgotten American” THIS is the Big Enchilada. Underemployed Heads of Household; worried wives; crime-frightened elderly could give a RAT’s A^^ about Muh-Russia, or the latest “Mueller outrage.” They crave jobs, opportunity, savings, safety, security in the future, their kids well-being……Trade saves the Middle Class. The Middle Class is the spine of our Free Republic. Donald The Magnificent.

and for those that feel bad for Mexico and Canada, remember this comment by another treeper:

dilonsfo says:

That’s true…only a trading partner would pay a terrorist who killed one of our soldiers 10 million dollars and structure so the payment goes to the terrorist’s father so the widow of the slain soldier cannot file a claim against the settlement. Oh, only a trading partner would flood our country with citizen’s of their country illegally and also allow citizens of other nations safe passage thru their country to gain illegal access to our country. Great trading partner’s….sure glad they are not enemies.


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