The Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity Will DESTROY the Democrat Party!

What a glorious day! The Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity had their initial meeting earlier today.

Democrats are SCARED out of their minds! I love the fact that the current Secretary of State of NH is on the panel. People will be shocked how many folks from out of state registered the day of the Presidential Election (which incredibly is permitted in NH) and voted. Many of the illegal voters will reside in the adjacent state of MA or VT. Keep in mind our President lost NH by less than 3,000 votes.

From the article linked above:

When is the last day I can register before the state general election?
October 29, 2016. However, if you miss this date, you may register to vote at the polls on election day (November 8, 2016) if you are qualified.

Here are the results from NH:

Clinton – 348,526 / 46.8%
Trump – 345,790 / 46.5%
Johnson – 30,777 / 4.1%

Our President lost the state by 2,736 votes. The cheating that occurred will show that he would have won had the process been on the up and up that day. Even though it is just 4 electoral votes, the magnitude will be an earthquake of 10.0+. How could we allow cheating to flip a state!

Also found this nugget about voter attitudes for the 2018 election.

From the article linked above:

A new poll shows that Republican voters are still more motivated to head to the polls next November than Democrats despite recent setbacks.

The ABC News/Washington Post poll shows 65 percent of Republicans or those who lean Republican are “absolutely” committed to voting in the 2018 elections, compared to 57 percent of Democrats. Among those who strongly approve of President Trump, the number is even higher at 72 percent, compared to 61 percent who strongly disapprove of Mr. Trump.

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