Our President Left it ALL on the Field Today When Speaking With Republicans About the Healthcare Situation

I LOVE our President! I felt his heart today! We as Americans will NEVER EVER have another President that loves the citizens and the country like he does.

I love the fact that he had some of the “Medicaid Whores” right next to him. Heller (NV), Murkowski (AK) and Capito (WV). He gave Capito, Murkowski, Portman (OH), Hoevan (ND) and Heller an out by saying he doesn’t want to see just a straight repeal. He also put tremendous pressure on the other 2 RATS (Lee from UT and Moran from KS) that decided to blindside him Monday night by saying they would not vote for the 2nd revised bill to go to the floor.

Folks I know exactly what our LION is going to do about allowing insurance companies to be sold across state lines. He is absolutely right that it would take 60 votes. He is going to come out with a super bill that includes Elijah Cummings’ proposal about lowering the cost of prescription drugs. Don’t forget that our President met with Cummings back in early March. Democrats will feel the pressure of the world to support it because not only is Cummings a Democrat but he is a BLACK Rep. from Baltimore.

The letdown of the last 48 hrs has left a hole in my heart. I am not going to get excited like I have in the past. I will sleep like a baby though knowing our President left it ALL on the field!


From the article linked above:

Rep. Elijah Cummings said that President Donald Trump was “enthusiastic” about legislation that he was co-authoring to give the federal government more power to negotiate drug prices with pharmaceutical companies to keep medical costs down for Americans.

“What we have is a lot of companies, pharmaceutical companies, that are raising the prices of drugs unreasonably,” the Maryland Democrat told Wolf Blitzer on CNN. “You go to a drug store in January, it’s $100. You go back a month later, it’s $600. We see it over and over again.

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