The Cruz Amendment is the Death of Single Payer

This article really does a great job articulating what Sundance from TCTH has been saying about separating those Americans that need to continue to purchase the Obamacare plan versus the others that just need the insurance of their choice that meets their need.

If You Follow President Trump’s Healthcare Path Here’s What You Get…

There are approximately 1.5 million Americans that have no choice but to purchase the Obamacare plan with all 10 essential benefits. There are nearly 300+ million Americans that don’t either because they have insurance through their employers, Medicaid, Medicare or because they are healthy and only need a catastrophic policy.

From the article linked above:

The Cruz amendment — which has been inserted into the GOP Senate health plan — is smart, because it doesn’t take anything away from anyone. If you want Obamacare — you can have it. You can have the coverage for the 10 “essential benefits,?” you can have the subsidies and the exchanges that were supposed to save $2,500 per family. It’s still there for you.

The Cruz? amendment creates what is called a “Consumer Freedom Option.” This essentially allows an “off-ramp” from Obamacare for the tens of millions of Americans who don’t want it. The “Consumer Freedom Option” allows insurers who offer Obamacare-compliant plans to offer a range of much less costly plans. In other words, it empowers people and families to pick and choose what they want in their own insurance package

What about families or individuals with lower incomes or healthy life styles that want the other extreme? They want slimmed-down coverage that protects them from major medical expenses — a bad injury like breaking a leg, or a serious disease with costly ongoing treatments. ?These families may voluntarily choose to pay for more routine medical expenses, like a checkup or a visit to the dentist’s office, out of pocket. One benefit is that since more people will pay directly for medical services, they are likely to shop around for the best price, and this competition will lower prices for everyone.

Cruz provides billions of dollars of subsidies for people who have pre-existing conditions and high medical costs. This number is much smaller than the media is saying. Cruz believes the number of people without private insurance (mostly through their employers), who don’t have adequate coverage for preexisting conditions is about 1.5 million people. Why contaminate a functioning insurance market for 300 million people, to give coverage to 1.5 million?

If his amendment stands, the left’s grand vision of a single-payer government-run health insurance dystopia will go up in smoke for good. The left wants everyone in the same insurance boat. No choice. No competition in plans. But once people are given the right to choose the health plan that is affordable to them and tailored to their individual needs, they will resist single-payer, one-size-fits-all insurance. It doesn’t take a village to buy a health plan.


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