We Are Starting to See the Finish Line to Obamacare Once and For All

Folks we are getting closer and closer to that big day when we can take away once and for all Barry’s only legislative accomplishment that is left! I have been monitoring the news and am happy to report some exciting information about where Republicans in the Senate currently stand.

Lets start with the bad news! You can absolutely kiss goodbye Susan Collins from Maine (she is more of a Democrat than she ever will be a Republican) and Rand Paul (this man marches to his own drum). They hate the bill for opposite reasons. Collins wants to basically keep ObamaCare and is yearning to work with her Democrats as quickly as possible. Rand Paul doesn’t want a single penny to be used for subsidies to prop up Obamacare for a year of two or leave the tax on the wealthiest to subsidize the folks with pre-existing conditions that fall below the 350% poverty threshold.

That means we can’t afford to lose anyone else! I am getting closer and closer to believing that will be the case. Amazingly this MORON from Nevada, Dan Heller, who is up for reelection in 2018 in a state HRC won may cast the deciding vote against. I believe this bastard will come to his senses and realize that the RNC will not give him a single penny and will find the best Republican candidate in a state that Trump is loved by Las Vegas casino owners and high rollers. His ass will be primaried.

Illegals are FINALLY going to get screwed! Hopefully this causes a couple of million to get the HELL out of our country and self deport.


From the article linked above:

Buried among the bill’s provisions that roll back the Medicaid expansion and lower marketplace subsidies is a shift in eligibility requirements. Rather than all legal immigrants being able to receive tax credits and buy coverage in the marketplace like under the Affordable Care Act, the new bill — aside from a few, narrow exceptions — allows only permanent residents and people who immigrated for humanitarian reasons to participate.

Conservatives defend the exclusion, saying it prevents medical tourism — where sick people move to the U.S. temporarily to get subsidized medical care but don’t stay in the insurance pool while they’re healthy. “For people to jump in, file a claim, and jump out, it’s very destabilizing for the market,” said Ed Haislmaier, a research fellow at the conservative Heritage Foundation.

The bill that will be released tomorrow will not only include the Cruz amendment but it will leave the ObamaCare’s net investment income taxes (3.8% & 0.9%) applied to individuals making more than $200,000 and married couples making more than $250,000. The tax falls on forms of income that include capital gains, dividends, and interests. This will generate approximately $231 billion dollars over 10 years. Those funds will be used to subsidize the folks that have to buy the Obamacare policy because of pre existing conditions. This will help lower their costs. This also kills the Democrat talking point that all Republicans care about are the rich.


From the article linked above:

Speaking of politics, Republicans could also achieve something useful by keeping around the investment income tax. They’d kill one of Democrats’ single best attack lines against the effort to repeal and replace Obamacare.

And here’s another big reason the investment income tax could be a keeper, even for conservatives who most want to root out Obamacare: It doesn’t have many opponents, including in the powerful health-care industry world.

Even the most conservative members have expressed a surprising openness to keeping the tax in an Obamacare overhaul if they get other demands. Sen. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin has said he could live with keeping it. House Freedom Caucus Chairman Mark Meadows (N.C.) said it wouldn’t be a deal-breaker. Sen. Mike Lee of Utah would accept keeping the tax if he gets his ask for the Cruz amendment, his office told The Health 202 last week.

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