The Dots Are Starting to Connect! James Comey Will Be Arrested Soon

The dots are starting to be connected! AG Sessions is starting to put the pieces to the puzzle together. I have no doubt that there will be a price to pay for former FBI Director, James Comey. Once this POS is taken in, the house of cards will begin to drop! There is a greater chance that James Comey commits suicide with 2 bullets to the back of his head now that this came out!

The anticipation of Death is far worse than death itself!

From the article linked above:

But when the seven memos Comey wrote regarding his nine conversations with Trump about Russia earlier this year were shown to Congress in recent days, the FBI claimed all were, in fact, deemed to be government documents.

Four of the memos had markings making clear they contained information classified at the secret or confidential level, according to officials directly familiar with the matter.

I wrote this in the previous thread (see link below) about the Wray hearing on Wednesday.

Senate Nomination Hearing for FBI Director Christopher Wray Scheduled for Wednesday 9:30am

WOW this is huge! It is amazing that this man was nominated about a month ago but you hardly hear a word about him. Even the day our President tweeted that he selected Mr. Wray to head the FBI, the next day was the Comey testimony so it went unchallenged in the MSM or among the Democrats. Now out of left field we get this wonderful news. In the time since our President’s tweet, Comey has completely destroyed all his credibility and had our President send this tweet out today.

This will be the beginning of the end for the Clinton’s and many more of the RATS in D.C.. HRC will no longer be called a pathological liar because her comment’s that were made during the Commander-in-Chief  Forum that Matt Laurer from NBC moderated in September will ring true for the world to see.

If that fu..king bastard wins, we all hang from nooses!


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