We Are Truly Energy Exporters for the First Time Ever

Just seeing our President’s excitement the past three times he recently meet with world leaders tells me that our President is so proud and excited about our Energy Revolution. With President Modi of India, our President said that all that is left is negotiating a price for our LNG before signing a finalized contract. In his meeting with President Moon of South Korea, our President congratulated them for purchasing $15 billion dollars worth of LNG. In his meeting today with the President of Poland and the President of Croatia, once again he was proud to announce our first shipment of LNG to Poland and the fact the President of Croatia is building a LNG pipeline on one of their islands. He even told the President of Poland during the joint conference that the two of them can step away and within 15 minutes have a signed contract.

The President of Poland discussed the 40 million cubic meters of gas that is needed by the 11 Eastern European nations each year and the fact that the US can produce 180 million cubic meters of gas each year. Our President promised them they never have to be forced into agreements out of fear of whether they will receive the required gas to power and heat their countries. Those 11 countries will purchase much of their energy needs from us because it will be a big FU to Russia but also an incredible assurance that the US won’t allow anyone to mess with them.

Merkel and the socialist countries are disgusted by our new found wealth. The Paris Accord was suppose to destroy us once and for all. That was the ultimate plan. However, our President told them all what they can do with that Accord. Now, the ramifications are coming home to roost. Our President will destroy these bastards because they conspired with our former moron to destroy us. MAGA has been taken to a whole new level for our President. He is absolutely loving his new toy meaning that the rest of the world will pay for what they have done to us!

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