Muh Russia Has Become Hysterical After This Past Week

Just take a step back and realize how funny this whole Muh Russia has become! What our President has done in the first 5 and a half months of his Presidency is going to destroy the Russian influence (Energy) throughout Eastern Europe and other major parts of the world.

Russia was hoping beyond hope that we would be dumb enough to remain in the Paris Accord. Not only would have it killed our economy, we never ever would be in the business of exporting gas, coal etc. throughout the world.

I listened to the Three Seas Initiative Summit again.

Our President thanked Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary and Austria for pursuing a pipeline from the Black Sea. He also complemented Greece and Bulgaria for an inter-connector pipeline between the 2 countries. He also complemented the President of Croatia for building a floating LNG terminal on the Croatian Island of Kirk.

The President of Poland discussed the 40 million cubic meters of gas that is needed by the 11 Eastern European nations each year and the fact that the US is able to produce 180 million cubic meters of gas each year. This would absolutely take care of the needs of all 11 countries.

Our President promised them that they never have to be forced into agreements out of fear of whether they will receive the required gas to power and heat their countries (Russia turned the flow off in the winter of 2008). Those 11 countries will purchase much of their energy needs from us because it will be a big FU to Russia but also an incredible assurance that the US won’t allow anyone to mess with them.

Yet Putin was all in on stopping HRC from becoming President. The same woman that would have kept us in the Paris Accord, put even more regulations on the energy sector, closed down all coal production and never ever would have made us independent on foreign oil. This is why their BS is so damn comical. I bet you Vlad isn’t laughing NOW!

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